AP Plays GOTCHA with Arizona Governor on If ‘Transgender People Exist’

Arizona’s Associated Press journalist in Phoenix, along with other Arizona journalists, wants to make Gov. Doug Ducey will be on the defensive. Bob Christie of the AP placed Ducey right where the Left wanted him for his bill to ban men from playing in women’s sports. The headline was “Arizona governor won’t say transgender people exist.”

No one said that transgender people were Santa Claus or tooth fairy. The left side says that transgender people don’t see or accept gender-bending unless they are respected and accepted. The AP Story began here: 

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey declined to comment on Thursday If transgender people really existHe dodged direct questions about the topic twice, just one day after signing legislation limiting transgender rights.

The Republican worked instead to defend his signatures on bills that bar transgender girls and women from playing on girls high school and women’s college sports teams and barring gender affirming surgeryAnyone under 18 years old

When asked specifically if he believes that there is “are really transgender people,”Before answering, the governor stopped for several seconds.

“I’m going to ask you to read the legislation and to see that the legislation that we passed was in the spirit of fairness to protect girls sports in competitive situations,” Ducey said, referring to the new law that targets transgender girls who want to play on girls sports teams. “That’s what the legislation is intended to do, and that’s what it does.”

He was again asked whether he believes there are “actual transgender people,”He again replied slowly but carefully.

“I … am going to respect everyone, and I’m going to respect everyone’s rights. And I’m going to protect female sports. And that’s what the legislation does,” Ducey said.

This seems like a fluke. Biden could say transgenders were “made in God’s Image,” while nobody criticizes him for not accepting what God has “assigned.” Instead, AP focuses its hatred on Ducey haters. 

Ducey’s response was “Abject,” according to the Arizona director of the Human Rights Campaign, a national civil rights group that advocates for equality for LGBTQ people. It worked to make sure families and young transgender people were able to come to Washington to oppose the bills, as both the Republican-led House of Representatives and Senate considered them.

“It’s quite shocking that he can’t even address trans people or even say that he thinks they exist,” Bridget Sharpe said.

Ducey responded to the badgering by tweeting that the questions were “absurd” and “offensive.”

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