Transgender Community Celebrates After Zoo Debuts Slime Organism With ‘720 Sexes’

Dubbed the "blob," the brainless and eyeless slime mold will be on exhibit at a Paris Zoo starting Saturday, Reuters reported.

Husband Hacks Penis Off Man He Allegedly Caught Sexually Assaulting Wife

A Ukrainian man hacked off the penis of a man whom he says he caught attacking his wife, according to local news reports.

Pence Announces Turkey Has Agreed to a Ceasefire in Syria

Turkey has agreed to a five-day ceasefire in Syria to allow for withdrawal of Kurdish forces, Vice President Mike Pence said.

Republican Launches 2020 Campaign to Replace Trump — One Person Shows Up

Former GOP congressman Mark Sanford held an event in Philadelphia to announce the launch of his 2020 presidential campaign – only one person showed up.

Mexico Deports Hundreds Of Indian Migrants in Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

Mexico announced that it deported over 300 Indian nationals via airplane, an unprecedented type of repatriation by the Mexican government.

Feminist Almost ‘Lost Control’ of Her Car After Hearing Her Son Say the Word ‘Triggered’

A feminist writer said in a recent op-ed she nearly lost control of her vehicle after her young sons used the word, "triggered."

Trump Chief of Staff Stuns Media With Defiant Admission of Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff, said the U.S. withheld military aid to force Ukraine to investigate corruption, including by Democrats.

2020 Dems Are Chicken Soup for Nicolle Wallace’s Soul

Nicolle Wallace serves as an anchor for MSNBC's Democratic debate coverage, but she's made clear her strong admiration for several leading candidates.

Twitter Shuts Down Kamala Harris’ Attempt to Get Trump Kicked off the Platform

Sen. Kamala Harris doubled down Wednesday on calls for Twitter to nix President Donald Trump’s account ahead of the election.

Parents Say Daughters Are Holding In Their Pee All Day to Avoid Using ‘Gender-Neutral’ Bathroom

In the United States and the United Kingdom, parents have been pushing back against schools' transgender bathroom policies.

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