Black Professor Blogs About Fantasy of Kicking Homeless White Men – Says They ‘Oppress’ Him

Nicholas Powers, an associate professor of black literature at SUNY Old Westbury, said in a blog post that he feels oppressed by a white homeless man.

Chicago Police Release Footage Showing Smollett With Noose Around Neck on Day of Attack

Footage released by Chicago Police shows officers entering the apartment of Jussie Smollett while the former actor is wearing a noose around his neck.

Ilhan Omar on AOC Concentration Camp Remarks: : ‘There Are Camps and People Are Being Concentrated’

Rep. Ilhan Omar said last week that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is correct in calling Trump's border patrol detention centers "concentration camps." 

Photos of Trump Admin ‘Torturing’ Migrants Goes Viral – Then People Notice the Time Stamp

Trump concentration camps? Photos purportedly showing administration officials subjecting migrants to inhumane conditions were taken in 2015.

Conservatives Troll Media by Pointing Out Damning Detail in NBA Star’s Clothing Line Logo

A logo for a Steph Curry golf gear collection is said to resemble the "OK" hand sign sometimes associated with white supremacist movements.

Trump Accuser Goes Off the Rails in ‘Train Wreck’ CNN Interview: ‘Mentally Unstable’

E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist who has accused President Donald Trump of sexual assault, was criticized following her appearance on CNN's "New Day."

Woman Tries to Turn in Her Husband’s Guns – Gets Jailed for Violating His Rights

A woman found herself in jail on Friday in gun friendly Florida after attempting to turn her estranged husband's guns into police.

Judge Threatens Indian Man With ‘Legal Consequences’ If He Won’t Impregnate Wife He Wants Divorce From

Feminsim in India: a court ruled in favor of a woman seeking the right to conceive a second child with her estranged husband.

Eric Swalwell Releases ‘Cringe’ Video Bragging About Giving His ‘White’ Baby to Ilhan Omar

Rep. Eric Swalwell released a camapign video with his wife and kids that cements his status as "The King of Cringe" on the right.

Ocasio-Cortez Is Now Language-Policing Everyone Who Doesn’t Say ‘Concentration Camps’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now acting outraged that U.S. border detention centers are not commonly called "concentration camps" by journalists and others.

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