WaPo Editors Eviscerate Hillary, Lapdog Media in Blistering Op-Ed About Russia Collusion Lies – Opinion

It’s time to drop the words “fake news,” “hoax,” and any other descriptor short of Blatant, purposeful lies in reference to Hillary Clinton’s engineering, oversight, and final approval of releasing to the sock-puppet media a preposterous fairy tale that even the worst of armchair sleuths could spot as Complete bullcrap. 

Why do I make such a “bold” statement? When even The Washington PostA blistering editorial is published by the editorial board Hillary Clinton did it. in which it calls Clinton’s lies a “dirty trick for the ages,” ThatIt is important. Are you listening, Hillary?

The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 and beyond was a dirty trick for the ages, and now we know it came from the top—candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. That was the testimony Friday by 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in federal court, and while this news is hardly a surprise, it’s still bracing to find her fingerprints on the political weapon.

Mr. Mook testified as a witness in special counsel John Durham’s trial of Michael Sussmann, the lawyer accused of lying to the FBI. In September 2016, Mr. Sussmann took claims of a secret Trump connection to Russia’s Alfa Bank to the FBI and said he wasn’t acting on behalf of any client. According to the prosecution, he worked for Clinton’s campaign.

BeforeLet’s continue. Abhor. Whataboutism — from both sides of the aisle and everywhere in between. That said, we’re talking about the same lapdog media who, when shown images, transcripts, receipts with signatures, and testimony from former associates of Joe Biden’s wayward son, immediately dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as “Russian disinformation.” Yet, Hillary’s lies?

You can hook, line and sinker.

If you’re in need of “catching up” with the latest in the never-ending and ridiculous 2016 “Russia collusion” story, here are a few recent related articles on RedState that should do the trick:

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But, again, paraphrasing Hilary’s unconscionably cold and narcissistic response during a Congressional hearing on Benghazi, what difference, in the end, will it make?

Incalculable is the amount of Hillary’s trials and convictions by the court for public opinion. The woman is like the mythical phoenix — some might say Creeping cockroach — burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another (in Hillary’s case, hideous) cycle.

As reported by my colleague Bob Hoge in the final article above, respected George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley on Friday said Hillary “will probably avoid direct responsibility” in the Durham probe because of her “Voldemort-like status.”

Hillary Clinton always held a Voldemort-like position of being the one who should not be identified in scandals. They have been able avoid any direct blame in several scandals. This was the campaign manager. [Robby Mook] effectively dropping the dime on his former boss and saying, “Look, she approved it. She knew about it.”

Now, the reason that’s important is that this claim was utterly ridiculous. It didn’t have a basis. The government rejected the idea quickly, as it had no foundation. The Clinton campaign nevertheless pushed for it. Clinton was also involved in the promotion of this Alfa Bank story, as well as Jake Sullivan (now national security adviser).

Keep in mind, however, that when President Obama was elected, Hillary Clinton was informed that he planned to file a Russian collusion case against Donald Trump. This was to help her sort out her email problems during campaign.

Jonathan Turley might very well be proved right — he usually is — but, again, The Wall Street Journal editorial board brought the hammer down, in brutal bottom-line fashion, for which it must be commended.

The Clinton campaign was responsible for the Trump-Alfa claim, and fed it to the credulous media. They failed to verify the claims but continued to run with them. Finally, they promoted the story like it were legitimate news. Reporters were also given the allegation by the campaign to FBI.

Although most of the media will not report on this, the Russia-Trump story that Hillary Clinton approved did a lot to harm the country. The FBI was disgraced, the media were humiliated, and the country went on a three year investigation that led nowhere. Vladimir Putin never came close to doing as much disinformation damage.

There it is. We’ve seen these sorts of reversals in the past, of course. Andrew Cuomoo (ex-senator Al Franken) and Andrew Franken (ex-goveter of New York), are two examples. Democrats and left-leaning media outlets steadfastly stand behind their losers — until they don’t. Their former heroes and coworkers will be thrown under the bus the faster they get blood on the surface.

The question of all questions, in this case, is, has Hillary Rodham Clinton’s time Final words come? Do not forget to Some examplesThe Clinton chickens are finally home!

I’ll believe it when I see it — but damn, I hope so.

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