Joe Biden’s Message to North Korea’s Kim Jung Un Boggles the Mind – Opinion

Joe Biden visited South Korea this weekend. RedState reports that things went terribly wrong.

The president’s mental decline was on full display, with him mispronouncing the South Korean President’s name. His fellow Americans were also infuriated when he urged them to get expensive, unavailable electric vehicles if they worry about gas prices. You need a truck. Just buy an $80,000 Ford Lightning that you won’t get until 2024. This is a brilliant plan!

However, a comment he made at the end left many people puzzled. When asked what his message to North Korea’s Kim Jung Un is, Biden responded with this mind-boggling retort.

North Korea has released an advertisement video for its new ballistic-missile system. This isolated communist country has also resumed live-fire test. Obviously, that’s a serious issue for South Korea, and you would expect the President of the United States to be ready to address the subject while in the Asian nation. After all, that’s what presidents do, right?

Instead, he responds with “Hello…(awkward pause)…Period,” walking off the stage afterward. And because it’s the weekend, here are some helpful visual aids.

Biden had presumably spent weeks preparing for his trip. He’s asked about the most serious issue that plagues South Korea, and he either wasn’t ready for it or his mind is so completely gone that the best he could come up with on the spot was “hello” before oddly proclaiming “period,” as if he had just made an incredibly profound point. His brain seemed to have shut down, and he had to reboot. One is left to wonder whether he’s even aware North Korea is a place.

What we really need is for someone to edit Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” in the background of the clip. It might then make a lot more sense.

However, it is troubling to see the United States being led by an incoherent and totally incompetent man in this time of such turmoil. Do you think Kim Jung Un fears Joe Biden? Do you think any other tyrannical figure, or Kim Jung Un is afraid of Joe Biden? Having a dementia-ridden president has consequences, and we are seeing them play out in real-time, from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to China’s continued encroachment.

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