Univision Gushes Over Sinema’s Airplane Stalker

The same network that depends on a continued uncontrolled stream of migrants has now granted celebrity status to a stalker and harasser that filmed herself confronting senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) at her seat on flight to D.C., regarding Sinema’s reluctance to support President Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

While Univision made an effort to portray the confrontation as an opportune chance for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient Karina Ruiz, introducing her as an “activist” didn´t help. Neither did the fact that Ruiz´ entrapment was one of three performative acts held by pro-immigration activists against Senator Sinema in a 24-hour period. More telling, the airplane “selfie” was promptly shared to Twitter – not by Ruiz herself, but by Arizona Dream Act Coalition

Nothing would deter the team at Univision’s midday “Digital Edition” from celebrating the protester as a heroine. Just watch the praise given to a person who would otherwise be questioned by the airplane´s crew, or even arrested for harassing a passenger on an interstate flight:

BORJA VOCES, UNIVISION – The struggle of dreamers continues. It can also be seen in the following video: Look. Pro-immigrant activists have been confronted by Democratic Senator Kyrsten Silena during mid-flight. This video was starred activist and DREAMer Karina Ruiz.

No we go to Edwin Pitti, live from the nation´s capital, and in addition, meet Karina, who is the star of this viral clip

EDWIN PITTI (UNIVISION): Yes, Borja and Maity. Good afternoon. The protagonist of the video, as you mentioned, is now with us. Karina, thanks for joining us. The Digital Edition is now open. We would love to hear about the time you met Senator Sinema while on this flight.

KARINA RUIZ ACTIVIST : Yes. She was already on board my flight so I told her: This is your chance to make an impact.

VOCES – Thank you Edwin for the report and Karina for the interview.

Of note: Ms. Ruiz, casually called by her first name, Karina, by Univision´s anchor Borja Voces, worked as a volunteer helping elect Sinema. Now, however, after “being ignored” she has sent the senator a message over the Univision airwaves: you better vote to end the filibuster and give us citizenship, or else.

Makes one wonder if the Biden administration, and especially the DOJ, will label such threats, bullying and harassing as domestic terrorism.

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