NY Times Slimes Mexican Preacher Who Took in Migrants as ‘Good Samaritan’ Gone Bad

Here’s one for the “No Good Deed” file. Natalie Kitroeff reported for Wednesday’s New York TimesMatamoros was the scene of a Good Samaritan’s demise. A local preacher took in would-be migrants to America while they languished on the Mexican side of the border (thanks to Donald Trump), but Kitroeff portrayed him as “The Good Samaritan Whose Kindness Wore Thin.”

Online headlines laid out in unorthodox terms, a family dispute with ideologic tones

He Evicts 200 Migrants from His Church, But His Brother Will Openly Welcome Them All — A Mexican border minister had allowed hundreds of migrants to reside in his church. His brother invited them into his house after he had evicted most of them.

(You will need to look closely to see why the 200 immigrants were there in the first instance.

A local pastor became frustrated as thousands of migrants tried to cross the border into Mexico in Matamoros this summer.

The pastor, Víctor Barrientos, had already invited dozens of asylum seekers to live in his church, believing that was his religious duty as an evangelical Christian. He noticed that there was too many people. His guests were messy, he said, and “out of control” — and then, just as the pandemic’s third wave hit, they started getting the coronavirus.

In late June, the pastor sent out almost 200 people. He allowed a few families to remain.

So, the migrants walked across the street to “the pastor’s estranged brother Joel,” who “packed as many people as he could into his one-bedroom home.”

“I don’t know,” Joel Barrientos said, squinting at his brother’s nearby church, “what happened to him.”

….Former President Donald J. Trump ordered people to return home while they apply for refugee status. The city was a haven for migrants who hoped for their long-term fate.

A paper criticizing the United States in so many ways is bound to hold America up to higher moral standards. Mexico’s neglect for migrants in their midst doesn’t even merit a full sentence. (It’s a common omission at the paper.)

According to the best estimates, there may be hundreds, or even thousands of migrants living in the city. The Mexican authorities offer little support to them.

One has to read between the lines to see that the preacher’s brother now posing as saintly was at fault for letting his brother’s church facilities get overwhelmed.

After a trip outside Matamoros, the pastor decided to run for Mayor this year. He left Matamoros in the hands of Joel Barrientos (49). Matamoros saw more and more people arrive, which led Gabriela Violante (the brother) to increase the number of insiders beyond 200.

Kitroeff was so focused on Team Migrants, that she gave up all other principles Times He spent twenty months maintaining the standard. Think of it as a situation in which you are able to imagine a TimesA reporter criticizes the subject for insistence on wearing masks and testing coronavirus.

He was stunned by the sight when the pastor arrived at the church Sunday, April 2. The fridges were “full of bugs,” and “no one was wearing masks,” he recalled.

After the first positive result, he ordered everyone to take the coronavirus test. He’d let a small group stay, but everyone else needed to get out.

It Times reporter later found ungrateful migrants to insult the preacher’s hospitality.

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