Transgenders Blast App for Women That Doesn’t Include Them

An app for social media is under fire after it allegedly used artificial intelligence to only include biological women.

Based on Business InsiderGiggle is a social media platform that uses AI to identify whether users are male or female. It was founded by Giggle in 2020. Transgenders aren’t included.

Some in the transgender community have spoken out against the app’s use of AI to focus on biological women.

“The way the app works is when you install it, you have to take a picture of yourself and it uses AI to analyze your face,” Jenny, a “trans woman” from California, said. It will allow you to enter if you are a woman. If you decide you are a male, you will be rejected. If it rejects your submission, you may submit another one. 

 “We wanted a place where women could go to help each other,” the app’s founder, Sall Grover, told Business Insider. A female space in their hands. Women could access support, connection, and refuge from other women regardless of where or what they are doing. 

Grover claimed that she had to decide against transgender people after transgender men made abusive comments about the app.

Giggle was removed from Google Play and the App Store by an organized, but unsuccessful attempt. “There was media attention. All of them called me a Transphobic and a Terf.” she stated.

Grover, who has been called a “TERF,” for excluding transgender women from the app, said she simply supports feminism. “TERF” is an acronym for a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

She said, “These are the words that are thrown towards women on a daily basis who stand up to our hard-won sexual-based rights.” What am I to do? Don’t be afraid to surrender your rights. No. This is not going to be the case. Move on, get over it.

Victoria Morris, a “trans woman”  who used the app, claimed the app also discriminates against women of different races.

According to her, the app was “harming trans women as well as a lot more women of color and women who don’t really have the Eurocentric features the app is designed for.”

Grover said that there is no way for women of color to access the app and suggested that they contact customer service if they have any problems.

Grover explained that “Women from every race aren’t just welcome on Giggle; women from every race” was Grover’s statement.

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