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California schools are using extreme methods to force parents to get their kids vaccinated for COVID-19. Coercion, coercion, and even pizza bribery have been used to get children to consent to being vaccinated against COVID-19. But now, a new lawsuit alleges a Los Angeles charter school “discriminated against” and “segregated” unvaccinated students.

Fox News Digital interviewed Sharon McKeeman (founder of Let Them Breathe), a non-profit organization representing parents and students in this legal action.

“Female students were segregated, harassed, and threatened with suspension just for trying to participate in their classes, and we will prove in court that this is unjust and unlawful.”

Fox News Digital reported:

Let Them Breathe shares videos showing students protesting New West Charter School’s refusal of them entry when the school reopened in January 2022. The organization claimed that the students were segregated “behind barriers.”

“We’re being refused of the right to attend school,” one student claims in a video. “We feel segregated and discriminated against,” adds another.

Fox received the school’s side of this story. It claimed that after winter break, it had imposed a vaccination mandate and achieved 96% compliance. However, “six students who did not follow the new policy still attempted to participate in classes,” the school claimed. When asked, the students declined to quit class.

“The students proceeded to stage a sit-in directly behind designated areas for student PCR screenings on campus which was cordoned off with tape,” the school continued. “New West Charter School administration notified local authorities who came to campus and helped alleviate the disruption.”

According to the school, parents were informed last October by their children that they would need to be vaccinated in order to take classes. It also offered an “independent study option” for the unwashed unvaccinated. “Parents who chose not to vaccinate their children knew what options they had available other than returning to campus,” the school said.

Let Them Breathe said Fox, however that New West Charter’s lawsuit is very similar to its successful December legal action against San Diego Unified Schools District.

RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar reported:

A California state judge struck down San Diego Unified School District’s student COVID-19 vaccine mandate Monday, ruling that it was “inconsistent with state law.” This means that all SDUSD students can continue in-person instruction regardless of COVID-19 vaccine status.

McKeeman noted that New West Charter’s mandate “is even more egregious than San Diego Unified’s” because the school is “mandating for ages 12 and up, which is not even FDA approved.”

She continued:

“We have filed a lawsuit against New West arguing that they are violating state law by mandating this new vaccine, not allowing personal belief exemptions, and segregating and denying unvaccinated students their education.”

Plaintiffs claim that school discriminates against non-vaccinated students. It is in violation of California’s Equal Protection Clause. The state’s mandate allows for a medical exemption but not a religious or personal belief exemption, according to Fox News.

Let Them Breathe’s lawsuit also takes the school to task for treating some unvaccinated children “more favorably than other unvaccinated children,” and for letting unvaxxed kids from other schools participate in sporting events on the campus while barring the plaintiffs from doing the same.


Plaintiff claims that California’s state law preempts the vaccine mandate, which means the school is not authorized to issue such a mandate. This is the exact issue that Let Them Breathe successfully challenged against San Diego Unified Schools District.

“The sole function of this Court is to determine whether the Roadmap is preempted by state law,” Judge John Meyer wrote in his ruling. He ruled that “the field of school vaccine mandates has been fully occupied by the State, and the [SDUSD policy] directly conflicts with state law.”

Many, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have highlighted that children are far less at risk for being hospitalized for COVID-19. Although the Omicron variant is more common, it has a lower rate of serious complications.

The left is pushing for vaccine and mask mandates to be implemented in the blue states with madness. The hysteria over COVID has placed an undue strain on America’s students in states like California, New York, Michigan, and others. These unreasonable restrictions are being criticized by more parents, while even Democrat voters are becoming increasingly frustrated. Is it possible for Democrats to continue the COVID program?

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