Feminist Vegan Wants to Empower Women With Miracle Health Cure – Drinking Semen

“Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating.”

A feminist lifestyle blogger enriches her vegan diet by drinking her friend’s sperm every day, and she’s encouraging other women to do the same, media outlet Vocativ reported Tuesday.

Tracy Kiss, a British single mother and personal trainer, ingests a semen smoothie daily for the health benefits, which she claims are increased energy and a boosted immune system.

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She also attributes her radiant complexion to the sperm facials she gives herself.


“I’ve spoken extensively about consuming semen. The minerals and vitamins that are involved in it,” the mother of two said in a video shared to her YouTube channel in November of 2016. She also claims semen is a natural anti-depressant and a “mood enhancer.”

“It’s something you can have to hand on a daily basis. Excuse the pun. And it’s free,” she added.


Kiss’ “donations” come from close friends and are stored in her refrigerator alongside the rest of her groceries. According to Kiss, the whole process is rather convenient for the donor – he “harvests” the semen in his spare time. And “it’s something that he would do naturally on a daily basis anyway,” she said.

In a 2016 interview with The Sun, she revealed that when she first approached a friend he was concerned she’d use the semen to impregnate herself. Her friend now comes around with a fresh batch of sperm three times a week, after being convinced that his seed would be used solely for Kiss’ beauty routine.

“Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating,” she told The Sun.

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An expert interviewed by The Sun downplayed the effectiveness of Kiss’ miracle health cure. “There’s no scientific evidence whatsoever that drinking sperm will stop flu,” Dr. Carol Cooper said. “Plus, depending on where the semen comes from, you could be at risk of catching viruses including HIV and Zika.”

Dr. Sarah Jarvis told The Sun that there is “no nutritional value to semen.”

In addition to her role as a pioneer in the nutritional space, Kiss is an advocate of female empowerment. The former glamour model frequently shares empowering messages for women to social media.

In 2017, Teen Vogue chronicled Kiss’ “inspiring” decision to make a necklace out of her labia following a painful labiaplasty surgery to remove a cyst. “I know it’s not every day you research methods to preserve body parts, but once the shock factor is out of the way, it’s pretty empowering and uplifting,” she said. “I’ve had so many young women contact me saying they’re living with the same pain I’d always faced and how it’s a relief to know there is treatment available.”

While some might find Kiss’ gestures courageous, more skeptical onlookers might lump her in with the worst aspects of a particularly out of touch brand of modern feminism. Critics often accuse the present-day feminist movement of losing sight of what matters to the mainstream of society in favor of the outré and bizarre. In a scathing rebuke of the movement published in National Review in 2014, writer David French argued that modern feminism “actually strives to elevate the crazy, the stupid, and the just plain hysterical into the realm of actually relevant cultural and political commentary.”


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