Man on Dating Site Sends Woman Photo to Prove He’s a Feminist and Is Viciously Mocked

“He just screams ‘Please have sex with me. I agree with you!'”

Reddit users ridiculed a photo allegedly sent to a woman by a man on the dating app site Bumble, who was attempting to prove his feminist bonafides.

The photo was shared Friday to the r/whiteknighting subreddit, a forum dedicated to the mockery of so-called “white knights”: a “pejorative term used to describe men who defend women on the Internet with the assumption that they are looking for a romantic reward in return.”

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In the photograph, the tattooed man can be seen wearing a purple shirt emblazoned with the words “Feminist AF.” A reverse image search on TinEye revealed that the image is unique, lending credence to the claim of the user who submitted it.


A guy from Bumble sending me proof he’s a ‘feminist’. from r/whiteknighting

A caption accompanying the photo reads, “A guy from Bumble sending me proof he’s a ‘feminist’.” The responses from commenters were abundant and brutal. “He just screams ‘Please have sex with me. I agree with you!'” wrote one user, whose sentiments summed up the general tenor of the comments section.

Historically, mens’ attempts to integrate themselves into the feminist movement have been met with skepticism. The trope of a man presenting himself as a sympathetic ally to women in pursuit of his own nefarious interests is a well-known one among conservatives  and has even found its way into the broader culture.

No less an iconic cultural totem than “Saturday Night Live” parodied the male feminist caricature in a 2017 sketch entitled, “Girl at a Bar,” where a series of “nice guys” profess their support for feminism in attempts to woo an attractive woman – only to immediately call her a bitch when she rejects their advances.

Last year, feminist Meghan Murphy, writing for Al-Jazeera, lambasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the “perfect example of the problem with men’s self-proclaimed feminism.”

A 2017 op-ed in the Harvard Crimson warned ladies to “Beware the Male Feminist.” The op-ed described such a man as the type to “who prides himself on his progressive politics, who puts anti-Trump and Support Orlando filters on his Facebook profile pictures, but who then calls Tomi Lahren a ‘useless bimbo’ and ‘whore’ on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page.”

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