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UPDATE [5:43 pm EST, 1/29/22]: According to the Associated Press, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ QB Tom Brady has not officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

RedState will update as soon as information is available.


Rumours have swirled that Tom Brady will retire from the NFL. This would end a two-season tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which included one more Super Bowl victory. RedState reports that it was likely to be called off, as RedState stated earlier Saturday.

It has now been confirmed. Tom Brady is retiring, ending his storied football career, the lion’s share of which he spent with the New England Patriots. His six Super Bowl victories as a Patriots quarterback were the most ever recorded.

Brady retires as the NFL’s record holder for passing yardage and touchdowns. His all-time yards record sits at 84,520 and his all-time TD record is at 624.

After the Bucs’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday in divisional playoffs, Brady was hesitant about retiring. He said he’d take time to meet with his family and make a decision on his future.

Brady left the game after a long and difficult time with his family. According to a source, Brady and his wife wanted to spend more quality time with the people he loved.

It is certain that this will break many hearts in Tampa Bay. Buccaneers fans were enjoying the trip out of the NFL’s basement for the last couple of years, especially after Drew Brees retired from the Saints after the 2020 season. Things are likely to get very different next year in Tampa Bay with several big decisions regarding free agency and the possibility of losing a HOF-level quarterback.

Brady is a great sports fan. I don’t think you could have a better relationship than that if you were a supporter of one of his teams. However, his decision to move to Tampa Bay was a great thing for him and his teammate. He was still a fierce competitor and a whiney witter, but there was another side to him that made him more likable.

At some point, you just have to respect the guy’s game and career, and leave it at that. A player can win seven Super Bowls without anyone noticing. So what’s the point of hating him?

Brady, Drew Brees, and Tony Romo will be in the booth. I’m not sure that’s his style, and with his financial situation, every option is open to him. RedState wishes him all success with his future endeavours.

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