Trucker Protests in Canada Escalate, Justin Trudeau Evacuated to ‘Safe Place’ – Opinion

The Trucker Protest that had been making its way across Canada to the capital, Ottawa, reached an important milestone on Saturday. With it came some incredible scenes — and some confrontations.

Per RedState’s prior reporting, the 45-mile-long convoy, the largest in history, is seeking to spread a message of freedom, opposing draconian, ineffective COVID-19 mitigation measures. This includes mandating vaccinations for truckers. As anyone with half a brain can ascertain, the idea that a person sitting alone in the cab of a truck needs to be forced to vaccinate in order to “protect” others makes no sense whatsoever.

Video and photos have captured the magnitude of the protest which has caused the Canadian government quite some headaches.

The government, however, is not listening to Canadians who maintain Canada’s supply chains, but trying to portray them as terrorists domestically. We have never seen this before. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even took the absurd step of evacuating to a “safe place,” with the protest in town.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the truckers or the other people in the convoy are planning on protesting. Feigning a domestic threat is the go-to move of tyrannical governments the world over right now, so it’s not surprising that Trudeau would respond this way.

In fact, the only sign of a physical confrontation came from a counter-protester who stole and desecrated an American flag, screaming “get out of my city, you anti-vaxxer scum” to his victim. You can clearly see that the COVID church is doing very well.

Unfortunately, I don’t get the feeling that Trudeau and the rest of his cohorts care about this protest. They wouldn’t, why would they? They are able to trust the Canadian people to keep them in power, and have every right to be confident. The mandates seem to be popular among Canadians. Much like Australia, there is odd obedience when it comes to the government supposedly “helping” people, even when the measures in place make no sense.

That’s why federalism in the United States is so important. Federalism allows citizens to seek refuge in states like Florida and Texas. But I do hope Canadian truckers make progress.

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