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We touched on the crazy riots yesterday in Rome, in the story that I did about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to The Vatican and her meeting with the Pope. She was also supposed to do a reading at a mass in a church in Rome, but bailed out because of a “security incident.”

Rome is not the only place protestors are speaking out against COVID regulations, mandates and passports. We’ve also been watching in Australia how things were melting down there, with the government going full-on Stasi.

A massive crowd came out, gathering in Piazza del Popolo and marching down the Via Veneto, to protest the “Green Pass” the government is requiring to get into public and private workplaces. The minimum requirements are at least one vaccination, documented recovery of the illness in the past six months, and negative testing within the last 48 hours. To be allowed into work, the pass must be obtained by Friday.

Employers and employees can both face fines if they don’t go along with this, and public workers can be suspended if they show up for work five times without the pass. Italy required the card to be able to visit museums, theatres and indoor restaurants as well as long-distance and domestic buses and trains.

The low estimate of the protest march’s crowd size was 10,000 people, with the organizers claiming 100,000.

It got really crazy when the police used pepper spray to disperse the masses and whack the victims with water cannons.

The police were then attacked by the crowd.

From AP

A few hundred protesters broke off and headed down another street in Rome’s historic main shopping district that ends near Premier Mario Draghi’s office in Chigi Palace. The police formed an obstruction line with the assistance of vans from the police and spray water on the protesters to block access to Italy’s government seat.

Some protestors were hit with batons by the police. As police confronted protestors at the Chigi Palace frontlines, many raised their arms to show non-violence. Others raised clenched fists or waved Italian flags and shouted “Freedom!” One banner read “Get your hands off (our) work.”

Police also took two Forza Nuova leaders into custody who had been at the protest. It’s not clear what they did to earn being arrested.

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