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Southwest Airlines suffered mass chaos yesterday with thousands of flight cancellations across the country. Southwest Airlines passengers found themselves in chaos as they refused to issue refunds and presented nonsensical excuses.

The official story was that ATC “issues” and bad weather caused the meltdown, which hit Jacksonville, FL especially hard. This affected flights all over the world as other planes couldn’t connect to each other.

A quick glance at radar and airport delays shows that this was not weather-related in any part of the country, including in sunny Jacksonville. The cancellations were caused by a combination of an unresolved pilot shortage and an inability to control air traffic. That’s made obvious by the fact that other major US airlines saw cancellation ratesOver 10x less during that same time period.

Further, it’s been confirmed now that the mass “sickout” was a result of the vaccine mandates.

For context, Southwest Airlines has been in a running battle with its pilots’ union over a coming vaccine mandate. The lawsuit alleges that it violates the collective bargaining agreements. According to one passenger, and many other accounts floating around on social media, that’s behind the walkout that saw the cancellation of over 1000 flights on Saturday.

It is not clear how much of the events occurred on the ATC or pilot sides of the equation. However, this will allow us to be as exact as possible. Given Southwest’s reported problems with its pilot union over the vaccine mandate, if yesterday wasn’t largely due to a pilot shortage, that’s probably only a temporary reprieve. Strikes are possible as soon as the mandate becomes effective in the coming weeks.

While the exact blame is not clear (aside form vaccine mandates generally), it is evident that Southwest Airlines is causing fury. In blaming inexplicable weather issues, Southwest Airlines was able to avoid paying layover expenses or giving refunds to those who were stuck, while many sat on planes for hours.

That decision to not just be honest with its customers about the cause of the cancellations has hampered the reputation of what was once seen as the “different” airline. Yet, they aren’t operating any differently than their typically more loathed counterparts in the industry. It was possible to avoid this by applying common sense.

These mandates also have a pointlessness. If the COVID can be spread by only those who are not vaccinated, mandates for vaccines only make sense. However, everyone, even those who are vaccinated can spread COVID so mandates don’t make sense. Rather, they’ve become a political point and companies have stupidly decided that it’s better to signal virtue than take care of their customers. This is just the beginning of a backlash.

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