The Ukrainian Army Liberates Territory From Russian Invaders and Discovers Murdered Civilians – Opinion

All along Ukraine’s northern border, the Russian Army is withdrawing. Official Russian explanation for this retreat is that it is a Five Dimensional Chess maneuver by Grandmaster Vlad. It was an integral part of the strategy. An alternative view suggests that units attacked by Russian troops on February 24 are now significantly reduced and being pulled across Belarus to reorganize and replace those who were killed.

The Russian Army’s furthest advances are marked by the dark lines. Pink areas indicate those that remain under Russian control.

The evidence is beginning to emerge that Russian troops committed war crimes against Ukrainian civilians as Ukrainian troops move forward Bucha is a suburb in the west of Kiev that’s been especially hard hit. Bucha, which was taken over by the Russians in February 27, was returned officially to Ukraine on Friday. It was not pretty what the Russians left behind. Civilian structures, like a confectioner’s shop, were mined and booby-trapped. This isn’t something that is terribly professional or particularly legal, but this is the behavior of the Russian Army that is being discussed. They left behind streets littered with civilian bodies and at most one mass grave.


This is the context in which these Ukrainian civilians died on the streets. Some may be legitimized collateral damage. Others could even be combatants. It is more difficult to explain the deaths of people who have their hands tied behind their ears.

The Washington Post verified a video posted on social media Saturday that showed nine persons, one of them a child, in a street in Bucha north of Kyiv. It appears that they are dead.

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The corner of an intersection is occupied by one, the other still on a bike. His head tilted to the right, as if he were about make a left hand turn. Some others are clustered along the roadside.

As the driver weaves between bodies, burned out cars and fallen trees, a narrator says “If you say that Russian soldiers are people …” and then adds, “simply for general understanding of what happened here.”

Bucha’s mayor, Anatoly Fedoruk, told The Washington Post by phone that around 270 local residents had been buried in two mass graves. An additional 40 persons were also found dead in the street, although it was not possible to determine a total. He said that some of those killed had their hands tied or shot at the back of their heads.

Fedoruk stated that the bodies will not be touched until they have been inspected by security personnel to ensure that no explosives are used.

“Until the special services give us an answer to the question of whether we can safely bury them according to Christian custom, we can’t handle the bodies,” he said.

This is a quick note. Sources report that 300 to 270 civilians have been discovered in a mass grave.

I don’t believe that is accurate as the Russians aren’t bothering to bury their own dead. I think that the mayor’s statement about burying the town’s citizens in a mass grave is being misinterpreted as something entirely different. Be that as it might, there are also ominous signs indicating summary executions found in Irpin or Motyzhyn.

The refugee flow is increasing, and there are many stories about systematic rapes of Ukrainian women perpetrated by Russian invaders.
“I shot your husband because he was a Nazi,” the gunman told her, before he and the other soldier raped her, as her 4-year-old son sobbed in a boiler room next door, according to the Times. After being raped twice more by the soldiers she said that her son helped her escape to Western Ukraine.

Accounts of rape and sexual violence began to emerge almost immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine, according to Kateryna Busol, an associate with Chatham House and a Ukrainian lawyer who documented allegations of sexual violence following Russia’s seizure and annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“These accounts are growing, and we are hearing that they are much more widespread than the one account raised by the inspector general,” Ms. Busol said in a phone interview from Regensburg, Germany, where she fled from Kyiv in the days following the invasion.

This is not surprising if you are familiar with the history of the Red Army of Poland, and the Eastern Zone of Germany in World War II. This is the epitome of Russian behaviour. The same thing has been done in Chechnya. Vladimir Putin’s attempts to whip up a nationalist fury by denigrating the Ukrainians as “nazis” and the perpetrators of “genocide” in Donbas undoubtedly contributed to what appears to be a general policy that sanctioned murder and looting.

The international community should investigate the Russian actions in Ukraine. This includes planning an unprovoked invasion war, targeting civilians, murdering, raping, and looting perpetrated by Russian rank-and-file soldiers. While it will likely prove impossible to find the culprits, we have the ability to create records that document Putin’s Russia.

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