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Do you recall the entire impeachment of the president because the former one tried to use the office’s official capacity to force a probe into Biden’s family corruption? The current president is Joe Biden and he has gone one step further. He used the official power of his office in order to press for the investigation into the family corruption. prosecutionDonald Trump

What time does the impeachment take effect?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course, but there is a new report confirming what I’m sure many suspected: Biden wants the DOJ to criminally charge Trump for something related to January 6th.

The attorney general’s deliberative approach has come to frustrate Democratic allies of the White House and, at times, President Biden himself. Two people who were familiar with the comments claim that Mr. Biden confessed to his circle late last year that he thought former President Donald J. Trump was an affront to democracy. Although the president never expressed his anger directly to Mr. Garland’s staff, he said that privately he would prefer Mr. Garland act more like an impartial judge to be more decisive in dealing with the Jan. 6 events.

I wouldn’t believe for a second that Biden hasn’t actually expressed his frustrations directly to AG Merrick Garland. But even if that’s true, this report was written for a reason. Leaks don’t just occur randomly, especially when they aren’t clearly designed to hurt the person they portend to quote. In this case, Biden and his handlers obviously want this message to get to Garland — otherwise, this never makes it to print. So, while that might not be a “direct” demand of the DOJ, it’s certainly meant to accomplish the same thing, which is to pressure Garland into pulling the trigger on prosecuting Trump.

In that vein, it’s an abuse of power, at least by the standards Democrats and the media breathlessly established during the last administration. Trump was constantly accused of corruptly intervening at the DOJ, but now that it’s Biden doing the pressuring, it’ll be treated as no big deal.

To clarify my view, though, the president does have statutory authority over the DOJ, and there is no actual “independence” involved in the department. That’s a facade the left uses anytime there’s a Republican in the White House in order to try to keep their gravy train of corruption rolling. With that said, despite claims to the contrary (one occurs in the first paragraph of the above Times article), Biden has not made the DOJ “independent.” One look at how the White House coordinated with the DOJ to push for the “domestic terrorism” letter targeting parents at school board meetings shows that. Garland clearly took direction from the Administration in regards to suing Republican state over election security laws.

The question is still open as to what Trump should be charged by the DOJ. To this point, there’s been no actual evidence that the former president planned or directed any of the events of January 6th. His words that day didn’t call for violence, but for peaceful protests. Beyond that, it is absurd to suggest Trump could face criminal charges for failing to act quickly in response. Liz Cheney frequently suggested this. If that’s a criminal action, it opens the door for basically every president to be prosecuted for some decision or another. Besides, Trump did nothing to obstruct any response to January 6th and he wouldn’t have had any involvement with the goings-on of law enforcement that day.

This boils down to Biden trying to use his office in order to bring his political enemies to justice. I’ve been assured that’s the gravest sin a president can commit. Unfortunately, the rules don’t apply to Democrats. Trump’s continued pursuit, particularly for criminal reasons, will only strengthen him going into 2024. It’s a stupid play, but this is Joe Biden we are talking about.

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