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The Matter of LifeThis 2022 document is extremely timely and prescient. A Supreme Court ruling is pending. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationThis is evident from the leaked draft opinion of Justice Samuel Alito, which suggests that the Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, Life’s MatterThis is both a wake-up call and a guideline for advocacy pro-life.

This is Director Tracy Robinson’s first time out the gate as a documentary filmmaker. Robinson spent many years as a producer and video editor after graduating from Brooks Institute. Some of her years spent working as a freelance video editor and producer for pro-life groups. She gained the skills and empathy that allowed her to make this document shine professionally.



I had the opportunity to interview Robinson about the documentary, and she talked about how the film mirrors her own, “discovery journey” about the Matter of Life. Robinson was a professional video editor but would occasionally work at a pregnancy resource centre.

“At that point I had never heard of a pregnancy center, but I was inspired by the way they helped women,” she said.

Robinson was invited to an Apologetics Conference through connections from the resource centre. Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason spoke about, “The Case Against Abortion.” Robinson was marginal on the issue of life; while she considered herself pro-life, she saw abortion as a societal necessity, and wasn’t inclined to force her views upon others. After the conference, everything changed.

“I was struck by the truth. The message about science and embryology was so simple that I was amazed. I was so inspired, and I was pretty much immediately “downloaded” as I like to say with this vision for this film.

“I had no idea about Roe v. WadeThe truth behind Planned Parenthood. I didn’t know any of that. It was amazing to me how this society got so far. Because I saw so many people who were in my position and had not heard the message, I felt compelled to create a documentary. Many went to school in the public schools, some were raised in churches, but this topic was never discussed. Their families never brought up the subject. So I just knew that I wanted to tell this story and do it in a compelling way.”

It is well-written and well-paced. The audience will be captivated from start to finish, not only with Robinson’s discussion, but also with his style. One might find oneself in tears at times: frustration, grief, repentance and joy.

Robinson was struck also by the support for life she met as she explored and analyzed the information.

“I discovered all these amazing people, powerful, redeeming stories, and I discovered how we got to this point in society, the people pushing the abortion agenda. So, I just wanted to replicate my discovery journey.”

Robinson also interviewed people from the pro-life movement and survivors of abortion, as well as advocates and organizations. The real stories were refreshing and it was refreshing to hear the actual people behind the scenes, as opposed to the talking heads and faces often found on right-of center news or television. Robinson spoke to grassroots activists, who are unafraid and honest and provide the movement’s most unfiltered voice.

Scott Klusendorf from Life Training Institute and Terrisa Bukovinac are some of the speakers. Atheist and progressive pro-life activist, Roland Warren of Care Net, pro-life speaker Christina Bennett, and Save the Storks CEO Diane Ferraro go beyond the talking points and the pro-life mantra of “it’s a child, not a choice.” These and many other speakers and organizations also go beyond pro-birth advocacy to pro-woman, pro-dignity, pro-abundance, and pro-child.

Robinson and her colleagues will premiere the film in America for just two days: Monday May 16th and Tuesday May 17th. Amazingly enough, the SCOTUS leak of Alito’s draft opinion created renewed interest in the subject matter, and forged a bigger path for the film to be seen nationally.

Visit this site for more information about the movie and to buy tickets in a local theater. Life’s MatterWebsite, fathomevents.com

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