The Chappelle/Netflix Protests Are Not About Offenses, as They Turn Racist and Leverage Demands – Opinion

Why is Netflix using hate speech when it comes to preventing hateful narratives?

All the media are excited about this new social outrage. Journalists have two benefits from this: they can incite outrage again and it also gives them an excuse to not cover the critical news about supply chain breakdowns or inflation. Remember that story? Well, those trivialities can be set aside, because there was a comedian who said stuff that some people don’t like!

Netflix protests by Dave Chappelle are as inane as any outrage. The activists demanding to be heard actually say things that need to be ignored. To understand why these protestors are so upset by the standup routine, they must first choose to be offended. You don’t have to watch the entire special. However, it is recommended that you search for the program on a subscription site. It’s like finding a poisonous pond in the forest and hiking miles to get there.

Chappelle was actually joking about several social groups. He even said that he predicted the response would come from the transgender community. The overriding message is that the comments Chappelle made were hateful, and violent, and caused harm and injury…somehow. It is difficult to find examples of such harm that can be used by anyone. They would like to claim that he has been guilty of some crime.

However, the press is the first to notice problems in this protest. This was something I also covered. Townhall’s media section,Oliver Darcy was critical about a newspaper for exaggerating the number of state workers in Washington that quit because they were subject to mandatory vaccines. Since the total of those quitting was “only” three percent, he declareIt “bizarre that at this juncture some major news outlets are still missing the obvious framing on these stories.” And yet, there was Darcy’s own CNN hyping the protest at Netflix. They boasted about the hundreds of workers. SupportersWhile the company has more than 12,000. 

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It appears that Ollie is doing the same with his framing. It got even worse. As reported by the New York TimesIt was many employees that walked out. Already the media is tipping the balances. Reporters then chose to ignore something quite remarkable. It is clear that this outrage was not motivated by racism. 

You have mostly white people — gazing over the crowd at the protest — demanding that a black entertainer be silenced. We aren’t hearing any voices of outrage from either the black leader or the press. It speaks volumes. Then you have this group appropriating their signature line; signs were seen and chants heard repeating “Trans Lives Matter.” How is this suddenly excused? Last year, anyone said All Lives MatterAll variations were shouted out for diluting and interfering. These racial interpretations are not all that important. Yesterday’s actual racist remarks were heard.

 The video stream from the protest is available here, along with interviews with those who were there.

A discussion takes place at the 22 minute mark with a non-binary individual. They discuss all items that they protest and stand in solidarity with others in many categories. They are protesting against another person in the same category, which is a bit of a blind spot. The protestors have stepped into an area of danger, and are pulling the media with them. It is time to decide which group is being offended by each aggrieved. Which is more important, Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter? They have shown that we can’t have All Lives Matter moments, and so decisions must be made. 

One speaker was Ashley Marie Preston, and she declared that Chappelle was not a focus, saying “we are not even here to acknowledge him.” So the protest about Chappelle’s show is leading them to protest, but it is NOT about him. She then said something really inflamatory. Start at 26 minutes

 “Since he can’t do the right thing, then I’m here to talk to his master today, and that is the people who signs his paycheck.” 

Preston is POC and so we can assume that this is not racism. These are very fluid rules. Their entire message is jeopardized by the suggestion that a man of millions could be a slave. This implies that Chappelle says only what is ordered by his master. He cannot therefore be held responsible. But he is known for not selling out and has made these exact comments after his show aired.

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Netflix isn’t like your traditional content provider, which is what presents this group with the most challenges. It is impossible to coerce them into negotiating with advertisers. It is difficult to damage their brand when they are thriving. The last week was a rough one. The New York Times tried to suggest that Netflix would be reeling from this controversy, that the company “Its glow is gone” as a result. The press is simply wishing for more.

Netflix has just passed 200 million subscribers, despite a host of streaming rivals. Also, they just won 44 Emmy trophies at an Emmy ceremony. The acquired show “Squid Game” is a #1 program in dozens of nations worldwide. The controversial comedy special has also made the name of the company a household name. The company is now a firmament, so if there’s any glow left it is because of this comedy special.

Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer, was at first unaffected by the furore and said they wouldn’t be taking down the show. Recently, however, he changed his mind and said that he had made an error with previous comments. It was a mistake, as he now allows activists to come in and tell him what they want. Preston spoke of his repentance. “While we appreciate the acknowledgment of the screw-up, in his own words, we want to actually talk about what that repair looks like.”

“The Mayor of West Hollywood spoke, and used Sarandos’ sign of weakness to get into the true purpose of the demonstration. “It was one thing that you admitted you had screwed up – and it was a screwup. In the end, admitting you have made mistakes isn’t enough.  It is now that we can make real change. Listen to what’s being asked and then do it..”

What are the questions? Elle demanded more trans characters and content to be performed by trans performers. It is important that transgender and nonbinary employees feel comfortable at work. The details of how they currently aren’t safe are not disclosed. Blossom brown spoke of more than just offensive language. 

Brown railed against the  “We are being held back by a capitalist structure.” I am relatively certain Netflix would not have been created in a socialist environment where they could earn some of the highest salaries in Los Angeles. Next, the speaker who lamented capitalism demanded more money. “Give your trans employees a raise – right now!” Huh. It was just me thinking it was about getting offended by poor jokes. 

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The initial purpose of the claim was to fight intolerance. But, quickly the demands grew and Chapelle became the center of a long list of demands. These demands have nothing whatsoever to do the contents of Chapelle’s standup routine. It almost sounds like trans activists are trying to inflict outrage on Dave Chappelle to reach a higher level. Stepping all over a black individual who you have reduced to being a slave, in order to pocket some extra lucre — now that sounds rather intolerant and hateful, to be perfectly honest.

Netflix seems to be aware of the risks they’re willing to take. This company has been able to show some strength so far. After it became clear that the company had leaked internal documents to the media, the organizer of this protest was dismissed. It seems that the activists who attempted to walk through Chappelle despite being supported by the media have no strength.

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