Shocking Turn of Events in New York Redistricting Lawsuit – Opinion

The headline of this article isn’t clickbait. I’m legitimately shocked right now at what has just transpired in New York regarding its redistricting process, and I think you will be too.

A mid-afternoon announcement was made by the New York Supreme Court Justice Patrick McAllister on Thursday. He has overthrown all three Democrat gerrymanders from the Empire State. The congressional map gave Democrats a 222-4 edge in a state they had only received 60% of their vote in.

This decision seems to have been based on the fact the legislature ignored the state constitution amendment passed in 2014 that prohibited partisan gerrymandering.

Everyone assumed that New York’s largely Democratic-controlled court system would stamp out any Democrats who put it out. Also, the deadline was very tight. Previous indications indicated that new maps could not be ordered because of this. That didn’t happen, and now the legislature has just 12 days to redraw maps and submit them to the court.

This is why it’s so important. Because it’s going to end up in a difference of two to three congressional seats going to the GOP in November which completely wipes out all the gerrymandering gains Democrats thought they had garnered. Now, the court has enforced fair district provisions so you’re probably seeing a 19-7 map. Democrats believed they were in control of the tables two weeks back. Things have changed dramatically since this and other recent decisions in Ohio, Wisconsin and Alabama.

There is no doubt that an appeal will be made, but the composition of the appeals court does not favor the Democrats. If the gerrymandered map is upheld, this would mean completely disregarding the law’s plain language. Sure, courts can be partisan, but that’s likely a bridge too far for all but the most extremely leftwing of judges, and the appeals court includes more middle-of-the-road liberals.

The wins Republicans have made in recent weeks will pay off. While they are not likely to gain the additional 5-6 seats through gerrymandering Democrats had hoped for, they’ll end up near or equal even now. The GOP is already heavily favored in November’s mid-terms to retake the House of Representatives. This only adds to Nancy Pelosi’s pain and suffering. This is what you love.

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