Professor Suggests Anti-Maskers Should Be Hit by Drunk Drivers – Opinion

The United States seems increasingly split in a variety of ways.

Masks are one subject that can be separated.

Are you prepared to go the rest of your life dressed as Weird Al in his parody of “Like a Virgin”?

It seems that many of them are.

Many Americans want to protect their throats.

As far as I know, COVID has been a part of the universe for a long time. Just as with other viruses, it’s embedded in ongoing organic life.

Perhaps one day, it will be annihilated; but that day isn’t likely to be soon.

It is possible that the virus could outlive our great grandchildren.

If so, two obvious options loom:

  1. COVID is always with you, so go back to normal living.
  2. As COVID will always remain with us, we can’t afford to forget Mask forever

Each is based on a certain amount of sense, but some in the latter camp don’t want to co-exist with those in the former.

This is evidently true for a Penn State Professor, who suggested recently that people should not mask their emotions.

The vehicle violence is his preferred method for mayhem.

The College Fix reported that Professor Edward Fuller sent a tweet on Sunday.

“Why is it a parent’s right to endanger the lives of other people’s kids and of teachers? Perhaps [people]Masks are not allowed to drive drunkenly or at speed. [through]The neighborhoods with pro-COVID parents to help you excise [sic] their freedom and rights.”

It’s a bold decision.

It’s especially courageous, given that younger Americans have shown exceptional viral resistence.

The following survival statistics were provided by the Centers for Disease Control at 2020. This was before vaccines were offered to the public.

0-19 years: 99.99997
20-49 years: 99.9998
50-69 years: 99.995
70+ years: 99.946

Ed is interested in education beyond his role as an instructor.

Per his page, he’s part of the school’s “Department of Education Policy Studies in the College of Education.”

His interests in research include teacher (teacher, principal, central office administrator), educator quality distribution, mobility and turnover as well career pathways. He also studies educator preparation, school improvement, evaluation, and charter schools.

He’s director of the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy Analysis, as well as associate director for Policy of the University Council for Educational Administration.

His doctorate is in Educational Administration (Policy and Planning).

Unsurprisingly, some anti-getting-hit-by-drunk-drivers folks didn’t fancy his tweet.

Penn State spokesperson Lisa Powers told the Fix Dr. Fuller doesn’t speak for the school:

“Penn State does not condone the tweet, and we can share that the faculty member regrets his poor choice of words — which do not represent the views of the University nor the College of Education.”

His social media post — which has been deleted — strikes me as indicative of where we are.

In the last two years, there has been a rise in hysterics as people literally have fought for their masks.

Americans’ anxiety has been uprooted, plunged to the surface like so many fears shallowly flushed.

And the divide isn’t purely partisan.

Take, for instance, Democrat Bill Maher, who’s come around to a pummeling of pandemic policies:

Meanwhile, The View’sSara Haines thinks she might forever be a mask among indoor crowds


Personally, I want to return to the normal.

But as we negotiate for the future, I’m not sure “normal” is on the table.

If you are wondering, Professor Ed was responding to Virginia Gov.’s praise. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order of January 15, allows parents to decide whether or not medically muzzled their children.

Of course, we’re progressively parted where parents’ say in General It is:

We’ve come a long way in a short time.

Roughly two years ago, anyone who claimed Americans would soon be masked might’ve been accused of being inebriated.

Fast-forward past the relative blink of an eye, and a professor’s recommending those naysayers be hit by drunks.

Edward Fuller, a professor and a strong influence on secondary students. But at least he isn’t teaching what would, in such a case, surely morph into a moniker: Driver’s Ed.



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