Biden Greenlit Russian Agression but It’s Going to Hit Us All Right in the Wallet – Opinion

The situation between Russia, Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating. The U.S. reportedly ordered families of diplomats to flee Ukraine, as we reported previously. Employees who are not essential can leave on their own initiative. The rest of us Americans have no choice but to make our own journey home. It is not planned to evacuate any of those thousands of Americans living in Ukraine. Joe Biden also plans to send thousands of troops and equipment to Eastern Europe in order to strengthen protection for the Baltic States and ward off Russian aggression towards Ukraine. The U.S. just placed 8500 troops on alert and reports were that he could send as many as 50,000 “if needed” to the NATO allies. Dennis Santiago, my colleague wrote more about that deployment and risk assessment.

Were we really able to get here? And what impact will this have on the U.S., if Russia or Ukraine declare war? Is this our fault?

It’s been a long line of bad moves, starting with Barack Obama being instrumental as a senator in convincing the Ukrainians to get rid of their conventional weapons on the promise we would be there to help if they were ever threatened. It was not only a disaster for Ukraine, it also meant that we had to pay money to remove their weapons. Now we’re having to pay to provide them with weapons for their defense. Putin realized Obama was an empty suit. He had no other effective reaction than to fumfer in Crimea when Putin visited. Is it any wonder that he would think that Obama’s Vice-President would be cut from the same cloth?

How did Biden respond to the call? He immediately helped Putin’s energy position by cutting the Keystone XL Pipeline and stopping other drilling projects, in addition to attacking the energy industry generally. Biden at the same time reacted to all U.S. sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and he did so in direct violation of his previous positions. Biden did not only do this, but he had hoped that Ukraine would refrain from opposing the move. However, they refused to speak out and made it public because they knew what could happen. Here we are. So, while reducing our energy capability, he immeasurablely increased and empowered Russia and hurt Ukraine.

But that wasn’t all. We import a lot from Russia, how many Americans are aware? Not only did Biden beg OPEC to produce more oil, he doubled the amount of oil imported from Saudi Arabia from December of 2020 and October of 2021 and we’ve also tripled the oil from Russia from what we were importing from February 2019 to September 2021. Biden increased Russian oil imports 23 percent, to 842 000 barrels per day, in May last year. This was nearly 10 percent more than all of our total oil imports that month. Canada is our only source of oil. Why are we dependent on this adversary to import oil?

Then, most recently, Biden emboldened Putin with his latest remarks about a “minor incursion,” but his remarks also revealed differences in approach within NATO. Biden even claimed that Russia would win the conflict with Ukraine. Biden also showed incredible weakness and incompetence in Afghanistan, so Putin knows he’s dealing with someone who is even weaker than Obama if that’s possible.

Biden had already telegraphed that he wouldn’t stand to defend Ukraine in December. Biden indicated that he will not put U.S. soldiers on the ground in Ukraine unilaterally. Now, most don’t want to have a war in Ukraine or have a military presence there. You remove all possibility of a military response, as Biden did in December. Putin doesn’t want a war with us either. Putin is now aware that the U.S. has nothing to worry about in this regard, thanks to Biden. Although he may have believed this before, Biden made it clear. Biden even spoke about seeking an “accommodation” with Russia, yet another sign of weakness.

So that wasn’t just one green light but a series of green lights.

Biden’s mistakes have contributed to the further instability of the world. Now he’s trying to right it by rushing in troops to the NATO allies, to reassure them. Although it may reassure them, and it is seen as a powerful move by some, Putin will likely be more motivated to see more U.S. soldiers nearby. Now, he might feel he needs to verify this, and you receive new reports from RT about Russian Navy warships being pushed to make the move, which is yet another attempt to stabilize the situation.

Russia could invade Ukraine and cause gas prices to drop. This would affect both our supply from Russia as well as their import through Ukraine.

Gas prices are expected to rise even further than they already have. CNN has noted that oil prices rose to new seven-year highs recently, which likely means they have been impacted by the concern. And when it hits energy, that’s going to ripple out and hit everything else that depends on it. It could make the inflation we think we’re feeling now so much worse.

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