American Troops Possibly en Route to Europe to Defend Ukraine as DHS Warns of Possible Russian Cyberattacks – Opinion

The Pentagon announced that 8,500 American troops are currently on high alert, ready for deployment to Europe in case of a Russian president Vladimir Putin taking military action against Ukraine. This is in response to the growing tensions between Russia and the West. The Department of Homeland Security also warned all affected entities that they should be vigilant against Russian cyberattacks in case the United States moves to defend Ukraine from an attack.

If American troops are sent to Europe, they will not be immediately sent to any hot spots … at least not at first.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said about 8,500 U.S.-based troops are being put on alert for possible deployment — not to Ukraine but to NATO territory in Eastern Europe as part of an alliance force meant to signal a unified commitment to deter any wider Putin aggression.

A deployment like this has no real military purpose. Although sending troops immediately to Ukraine is provocative, sending them to European bases may be seen by the Kremlin to be an act of a paper Tiger. Unless there is a clear commitment to actively sending American and NATO troops in harm’s way should Russia invade Ukraine, a mere deployment is of no concern.

Dennis Santiago, my colleague, has vastly greater knowledge than mine on such subjects and is confident that Putin’s announced defense deployments will deter him. While I respect his experience, it is still a doubt due to Russia holding Europe tightly in its oily hands. Another turn at the pipeline spigot could leave Europe completely in darkness. I am also extremely doubtful that current European leadership has the intestinal fortitude to engage Russia militarily despite NATO’s far greater military skill.

In many ways the cyberspace threat is the most alarming. This goes far beyond Amazon becoming unavailable for a few days. Putin don’t play. You can easily imagine Putin ordering an entire cyberattack to cripple America’s infrastructure and commerce.

The situation’s seriousness cannot be overstated. Russia has made it clear that they are preparing for war, in spite of its claims to the contrary. Russia has nothing to be afraid of the inept Biden Administration. Unless some kind of diplomatic solution can be found, nothing — nothing — good can come of this. The result is that people will die. It is fluid. The fluid could turn to blood, unfortunately.

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