Portland Activist Asks for Help Spelling ‘White Privilege’ – Still Gets It Wrong

“White prviled.”

While covering May Day protests in Portland on Wednesday, journalist Andy Ngo captured footage of a leftist activist requesting help spelling the phrase, “white privilege.”

The woman is seen incorrectly spelling the phrase in chalk on a sidewalk before being corrected by an off-camera individual. Her second attempt is also unsuccessful as she omits the first “i” in the word “privilege,” resulting in the phrase, “white prvilege.” According to Ngo, the scene was captured near an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.


In a Twitter thread, Ngo compiled the footage he captured at May Day protests, which he characterized as “a celebration of Marxism, socialism & communism.”

In one video, a masked speaker urges white protesters to use their unearned privilege to protect others. “Fuck the state!” the woman says. In another video, masked protesters – identified as antifa activists by Ngo – steal the hat of Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson. Gibson and the antifa members nearly come to blows.

In a photo taken by Ngo, protesters are seen holding signs that read “Abolish ICE” and “Abolish Work.”

Ngo captured footage of an antifa protester spraying his camera with silly string. The Quillette editor claimed he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a masked protest attendee. Ngo said Portland police told him they would not pursue any action against the man who assaulted him because “it would be an ‘escalation’ for police to approach the individual.”


According to Fox News, protesters took to the streets of Portland to rally for the rights of marginalized groups. In a statement, Portland police characterized May Day events as peaceful and said no arrests were made.

“We asked participants to peacefully and safely demonstrate and they did,” said Portland chief of police Danielle Outlaw. “Those involved demonstrated the ability to exercise their rights in a peaceful manner, which we appreciate. Thanks to all those involved in the planning and collaboration on the law enforcement and partner side to make this a successful day.”

However, The Oregonian reported that antifa activists clashed with far-right protesters Wednesday evening at a Portland bar. The brawl was captured on video by freelance journalist Mike Bivins. Bivins also captured footage, purportedly from the May Day protests, that showed a woman appearing to have been knocked unconscious.


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