Footage Shows Leftist Activist Being Shot to Death by Cops After Pulling a Gun at Middle School

Video footage of armed leftist activist Charles Landeros, a man with a history of anti-government activity who was apparently distressed over a custody dispute, being shot to death by police after drawing his gun, resurfaced this week on The_Donald subreddit.

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The incident took place January 11 at Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. School resource officers attempted to remove the former Army veteran following a disturbance over a child custody dispute. The 30-year-old pulled a 9mm handgun and was subsequently shot once in the temple, local outlet KVAL reported.

While the Civil Liberties Defense Center branded the shooting as unlawful, after hearing eyewitness testimony and the release of body cam footage of the incident in late January, investigators determined the officers’ use of deadly force was justified.


Some conservative websites claimed that Landeros, who was wearing a “Smash the Patriarchy” shirt on the day he was shot, was a member of Antifa, a controversial leftist and anti-fascist group. The redditor who uploaded the video to r/The_Donald characterized him as a “male feminist.” According to a student news site, Landeros used they/them pronouns and was a member of Community Armed Self Defense, a group created as a “new liberatory and inclusive space for all oppressed peoples to learn about armed self-defense.” Conservative outlets have characterized Community Armed Self Defense as an armed Antifa group.

According to District Attorney Patty Perlow, “the FBI received information on a tip line that Charles Landeros was posting violent anti-government messages on social media” in 2018. The local FBI office “concluded there was insufficient information to substantiate that a crime had been committed.”

Police in a neighboring Oregon town were alerted to a disturbing message posted to Facebook by a man named “Charles Landeros” only two days before the fatal shooting at Cascades Middle School, KVLA reported. “Time to start killing pigs,” the message read.

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