Poll Shows Democrats Are About To Get Hit by the Midterm Freight Train and Republicans Are Driving It – Opinion

Democrats seem to be failing in nearly every department. They are seeing their media outlets collapse, their narratives being interrupted, their agendas being blocked cold and it is a great day for their leader if he can complete a coherent sentence.

With all this going against them, it’s no surprise that the Democrat Party’s chances aren’t looking too hot going into the midterms. The Trafalgar Group reports that Democrats trail Republicans by two-digits.

It surveyed 1,073 voters. A generic ballot showed that Republicans led Democrats by 13 percent, with Democrats trailing at 54.4 percent and 41.9 percent, respectively.

The rest of the poll doesn’t look too promising for Democrats either. When it comes to confidence in getting their agenda done, Democrats actually had more faith than Republicans did in the Republican party, meaning that Democrats don’t seem to believe their party can withstand a Republican offensive in the coming years. Republicans aren’t so confident in their own party at 39.1 percent, but Democrats believe in the right’s ability at 55.5 percent.

This doesn’t mean Democrats agree with Republicans. In disagreement on matters such as who should control what students learn in class, the parents, or the teachers unions are the two sides. The only issue Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on is China’s threat to America.

However, despite these differences, most Democrats and Independents appear to favor Republican candidates enough that they have a two-digit lead. What’s more, Trafalgar’s poll contained almost four percent more Democrats than Republicans (39.3 to 35.6 percent respectively), with Independents coming in at 25.1 percent.

Democrats and Republicans still can’t seem to agree on much, but the takeaway from this poll is that Democrats have more or less lost absolute faith in their party to accomplish anything. While they support the Biden administration’s agendas by a majority, they’ve been taught by their own party not to expect much in terms of movement. The left continues to be disrupted by Republicans and their party, with failure becoming the norm.

While the midterm elections are still a good ways off and there’s a lot of football left to play, if the pattern holds we may see even more of a shift in favor of Republicans, allowing the pendulum to swing their way dramatically and giving them control over the House and the Senate, as well as keeping safe gubernatorial seats in various states.

If Democrats push for radical politics, then we might even see Republican governors.

Anything is possible. Even a reverse of Republican favoritism. It’s a long road to midterms and many things could happen, but as it stands, Democrats have been tripping and stumbling down the road since 2020, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change for the foreseeable future.

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