‘Person of Interest’ in Brooklyn Subway Attack Has Social Media Accounts Full of Extremism – Opinion

Police announced earlier that Frank R. James was a “person of interest” in the Brooklyn subway attack in which at least 10 people were shot and at least 13 others were injured. Police have yet to confirm whether they suspect James is responsible for the attack. The police believe James used a U-haul vehicle to connect with the attack.

Police explain how it was done.

A Brooklyn-based attacker used a bomb to set fire to a subway train and then killed the passengers. The suspect was described as a 5’5″ black male, heavyset, in a green construction vest and a gray sweatshirt. He remains under surveillance at the moment.

HeavyIdentified several accounts that are related to James.

On YouTube, James shared a video in the name “prophet oftruth88” about a slashing and recent violent crimes in the New York subway. Pix11’s news article featured at the start of the YouTube video talked about Eric Adams, New York mayor being quizzed on rising crime among the homeless and subways.

“Here we go again,” James said.

After the video ends, it turns into an animated rant with photos of people behind James. He said the people pictured (they aren’t named) were supposed to be helping him but made him “more dangerous.” He criticized Adams, saying “these are the people” he wants to send out to help the homeless. According to him, most homeless with mental illness are Black. He ranted about a place called “Bridgeway” and homosexuals.

That’s why police put security on Adams, as we reported earlier.

James talked about another mass shooter in another video. Warning!

In that video, James talked about the Molson Coors shooter, Anthony Ferrill, who was Black, saying that gunman was “discriminated against” and “no one say and do sh*t” until he started shooting people. “And I’ve dealt with it time and time again.” He said he was a machinist, calling it the most “racist” trade in the country. He said there were a “bunch of racist white mother f******” in that trade.

He makes anti-white comments as well, saying that black people are better than white people shouldn’t be on the same planet.

According to reports, he also posts extremist messages and post about the killing of people.

He said that he was also very angry at Ketanji Jackson’s marriage to a white woman.

I could go on at great length and they haven’t wiped the Facebook or the Youtube accounts so there’s a lot to see. But safe to say, James has a lot of issues and doesn’t seem well. Let’s hope they find this guy quickly.

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