Hayes Politicizes NYC Shooting, Frets SCOTUS Will Approve Concealed Carry

In light of the tragic shooting on a New York City subway Tuesday morning, MSNBC’s All InChris Hayes made it a point to devote an entire episode to advocating gun control. 

“[T]His mass shooting occurred in the context of an even larger increase in violence. A larger spike of gun violence, particularly, I’m struck today by the fact that we got very lucky with what the death toll appears to be so far”Hayes stated, while simultaneously pointing out that there were so few deaths and injuries because of this. “it was a handgun, not a long gun or an AR-15 style rifle”That was the reason for the shooting. 

Hayes went then to Kris Brown, Brady Campaign’s guest. Kris lobbied on-air for increased gun control laws. “over 45,000 people killed with guns across this country in preventable gun violence. And what we need is to expand the Brady law and ensure background checks.”  



After Brown’s pro-gun control rant, Hayes actually admitted what his initial thoughts were when he found out about the tragedy on the NYC subway: 

[M]My immediate thought when I saw it was concern for the people. It was that there was a Supreme Court Case right now. This would challenge New York’s gun laws. And essentially, the Supreme Court will find that everyone has the right to carry a gun anywhere in the country, regardless of what laws they may have. Samuel Alito stated in oral argument that a subway gun is not necessary. 

It’s not surprising that Hayes was thinking about his leftist political agenda during a tragedy, the shocking thing was that he admitted it out loud. 

It should also be noted that Hayes suggested the United States Constitution doesn’t give citizens the right to carry a gun in all fifty states. I would suggest he read the 2nd and 10th Amendments to the Constitution. 

Turning to his other guest Rebecca Fischer, Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, who proceeded to panic at the possibility of the Supreme Court striking down New York’s strict gun laws. 

“Right, now we are waiting for a decision from the court that can potentially overhaul our strong public carry law”How to add “New York has one of the strongest concealed carry laws of the nation that really allows law enforcement to have a lot of discretion in terms of whether they issue a license to carry in public or not.” 

If these shootings continue, how strong will New York’s gun laws? Evidently, they have the reverse effect. 

Hayes, predictably, agreed with Fischer. He then went one better and personally attacked concealed carry advocates. “can only be entertained by someone who’s like clearly gone around the bend on Fox News or has never set foot on the subway or both.”

Chris Hayes, MSNBC, politicizes New York City’s subway shootings to advocate for gun control. He was supported by Infinity, Panera Bread and Prevagen. You can contact them directly by linking their information.  

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MSNBC’s All In 
Eastern 8:34:37 

CHRIS HAYES. Kris, this mass shooting took place in the context a greater spike in violence. A bigger spike in gun violence was a particular concern. I am amazed at how lucky we are with the number of deaths so far. It was not an AR-15-style rifle or a long gun that were used, but a handgun. Some people say that New York does not have gun laws. However, this appears to be an important aspect. 

KRIS BROWN (PRESIDENT OF BRADY):  Yes, of course. Chris, we know that AR-style weapons have become mass shooter weapons. This is because they are able to attach high capacity magazines and fire a lot of bullets. Potentially hundreds of bullets. As we witness in the horrific mass shootings all across this country. There are many people out there who are able to survive, and they are still alive today. It doesn’t lessen the terror felt by subway passengers. This is accompanied by a feeling of unsafeness. 

Chris, that is the real point. We see an enormous spike in injury and death. Guns are often associated with it. In 2020, it’s the highest year on record that’s the latest data we have. This country has seen over 45,000 victims of gun violence. We need to strengthen the Brady law, and make sure background checks are done. Chris, I want to point out that police have reportedly recovered a weapon and are tracing it. It has a serial number. Yesterday the President made it a point to ban ghost guns. These guns are all over the country. These are not serialized making it impossible to trace them like the one we see here. This is a public health crisis that must be treated as such. We need to take it seriously. All of our safety is at stake if this is not done.  

HAYES: I think it’s important to note that the 45,000 figure is all about gun deaths. About, I’m pulling this from memory, around two-thirds of those tend to be suicide, and about a third of those, I think homicide. Just so that people can keep that in mind, there is a neighborhood in the area. This happened in a subway, Rebecca. My immediate reaction when I saw it was concern for the people who live there. The Supreme Court is currently deciding whether to strike down New York’s gun laws. They will essentially rule that every person has the right to keep a gun anywhere in the country, regardless of what laws it may have. Samuel Alito stated in oral argument that a subway gun is not necessary.  

REBECCA FISCHER, NEW YORKERS AAINST GUN VOLENCE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Yes Chris. We are now waiting to hear from the court whether it will change New York’s strong public carry laws. New York is home to one of America’s strongest concealed carry laws. It allows law enforcement great discretion when it comes to issuing a permit to carry in public. When we examine the data, it is clear that states with weaker public carry laws are more likely to have higher rates of gun-related deaths. It is hard to believe that this happened in New York City. It is not uncommon for people to wait until they find out the fatality rates. The reality is that victims of injuries have suffered. In those areas, the traumatized families live in fear.  

HAYES – Yes. The idea that New York City subways could be made safer by more gun owners is so absurd. It can only be entertained by someone who’s like clearly gone around the bend on Fox News or has never set foot on the subway or both.

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