Neil Oliver’s Criticism of COVID Protocols Is Absolute Poetry – Opinion

I very proudly wear the badge of RedState’s COVID data guy, which oftentimes has me bombarded with information, articles, raw data, and video which I cannot always get to. When this video was sent to me the other day, I couldn’t have imagined I would have been more impressed. This is one of my favorite takedowns on government fearmongering that I have ever seen.

Before this video, I hadn’t heard of Neil Oliver. Oliver is an archeologist from Scotland and historian. He has been absent from COVID discussions. Oliver made a TV appearance for GB News and pointed out that there was no logic behind many COVID restrictions that have been placed on populations from different countries.

Oliver started:

Here we go again. We are back. With Christmas approaching, which should be a time to reflect on the past and move forward, it seems that a new strain of the virus, apparently from Africa, has been released. This is the perfect gift, no one wanted and none asked for. Here comes another round of threats from governments and scientists who are familiar with the situation. It is possible that many people were awakened from the toxic trance we have been in by the propaganda of the nudge units. Two years of unimaginable power has come to politicians and scientists through fear. People have been blinded to the fact that manipulation and masshypnosis were used to manipulate them and keep them compliant. With fear on the decline, the ability to harm is diminishing just like the virus, the time was right to create another type. It was so timely.

It is indeed timely. People realized that panic over the Delta-variant was exaggerated and that restrictions by government did not stop its spread. Many people went back to their normal lives, even those who had been duped by COVID.

Oliver continues on the video.

The confusion is overwhelming. I don’t know where to start. I’ve heard it said today that the new variant might sidestep the vaccines and that it’s therefore vital for everyone to get their booster shot. What does this mean? This vaccine might not be able to stop the variant, so get more vaccine. Doctors and scientists are now suggesting that they may have vaccinated too few people too fast in certain parts of the globe, while failing to vaccinate enough in others places such as the African continent. As I understand it, the virus has responded to pressure by acting like other species. It is now believed that the mutations most capable of coping with these new conditions are more resistant to infection.

I’m sure it was at least rumored at first that the new variant the Botswana variant or Omicron (wasn’t he a Transformer?), or whatever they’re calling it now, had sprung from unvaccinated people. Now, I found out that none of the four cases confirmed were unvaccinated. It is clear that more deadly mutations are equally likely to be found in those with full jabs. And don’t get me started on natural immunity, which is what you have if you’ve had COVID and got over it with only your immune system for company, because while one scientist says it’s the best option, others say it counts for naught and that the only way is to roll up your sleeve for the third time or the fourth or the fifth.

As many of us have questioned “scientists” on the ever-growing list of data that contradicts the hysteria narrative: the swirling vortex of inconsistencies tearing apart the basis these people have used to enforce their will upon us. Mind-boggling is the way a government enforces any vaccine mandate.

To suggest that we cannot avoid the virus that has so far been proven to infect those who have not been vaccinated is absurd. This is because peak tone-deafness is a major reason why many people choose to disregard government restrictions and mandates around the globe.

Oliver’s video goes on for more than nine minutes, but it is absolutely poetic, and I recommend watching it all the way through.

You can watch the video below:

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