Minds MELT: ‘The View’ Cast Freak When Confronted with Mask Opposition

San Francisco liberals recall their school board’s failure to focus on getting children back in school. This is the liberal San Francisco cast. The ViewThe opposition to lifting harmful mask mandates was met with a flurry of protests. Co-host Joy Behar proclaimed she would wear a mask “indefinitely” when around people despite being vaccinated and boosted. And Sunny Hosting wanted to keep kids smothered because she “worr[ies]” for them. Their minds were melted when confronted by common sense regarding masking.

With co-host Whoopi Goldberg kicking off the discussion by wondering “what should we be concerned about really right now,” Behar said she doesn’t listen to the science but rather “The little voice that niggles in my brain, but doesn’t follow 100% of their advice because they constantly change it.

“A very short time ago, they were saying put the N95 masks on, and now make sure it’s a — and now they’re saying you don’t have to wear them anymore,” she huffed.

She’s so close to realizing the ridiculousness of the CDC and how the protocols were questionable at best, even Johns Hopkins found the lockdowns did nothing. Behar insisted that she would wear a mask.

“So, if I go on the subway, if I go in a bus, if I go into the theater, if I go into (…) a crowded place, I could wear a mask for as long as I wanted.” “So I’m just listening right now,” she added.



Hostin was a Disney product parent and did her best imitation of Helen Lovejoy. SimpsonsBy declaring that she thought of the children

My concern is for my children. Right,” she oddly asked the table. “Because we know there are kids under five that are in preschool that can’t be vaccinated. It is known that children aged between 5 and 12 years are among the most vaccinated. They are still a concern to me..”

The mother even called parents out for their insistence on attending school personally and wanting to unmask their kids. “It’s not like we think about children, the vulnerable and the elderly. We don’t think about these people,” she sneered.

The only one making any sense was conservative guest co-host and Princeton Professor Lauren Wright who spoke the truth that “life is risk assessments. That’s part of being an adult.” Adding: “Tradeoffs is a basic thing that we teach our graduate policy students at Princeton, and we need to be able to be adults about this.”

Wright then made the mistake of telling them that the mask mandates were not “based on science.” And Hostin reacted like she just insulted her mother:


HOSTIN: Did you know that the masks were not based on science?

WRIGHT: It’s really loose science from the very beginning.

The rest of the cast had mental meltdowns after Wright had spelled out how the CDC’s mask studies were horribly flawed. “If you read the studies, they’re correlational. This is better than none. They’re comparing cities with mask mandates to cities that don’t have them, and there’s no compliance consideration, there’s no randomization,” she explained.

Behar was outraged at Republicans. Sara Haines, Sara’s co-host, talked about how umbrellas are like umbrellas. Hostin, on the other hand, seemed paranoid about people not getting vaccinated.

Olay sponsorships and Vicks were the key to this bizarre masking frenzy. You can find their contact information here.

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ABC’s The View
February 17, 2022
Eastern, 11:02:15

WHOOPI GOLDBERG – The CDC plans to relax mask mandates next week if there is a steady decline in case numbers. Many Americans have had enough of waiting. Three board members were removed from a San Francisco school district because parents felt they didn’t prioritize doing what was best for their children. Some are warning Democrats not to keep mandats too long. But we don’t think they have any political liability. We’re simply saying that they’re changing mandates so that that doesn’t happen.

How should you be looking at the situation right now?

Do you want to be a JOY BEHAR?

GOLDBERG: Personally. Personally.

BEHAR: For me, the voice inside my head doesn’t follow 100% of their instructions because it keeps changing.

A short while back, the people said to put N95 masks on and make sure they are a — but they now say you don’t even have to. If I take the subway or a bus to get there, or if the theatre is open, where would I be?

GOLDBERG – A busy spot.

BEHAR: In a crowded area, I’d wear a mask. I could do this indefinitely. Why would I even need to have a cold or the flu?

Now, I listen to myself. I sort of – I mean, I don’t think it’s 100 percent safe yet.

SUNNY HOOSTIN: My concern is for the children. Right? We know that there are children under 5 who can’t get vaccinated. The country’s youngest children are those aged 5-12 years old. These are the ones I worry about. We don’t know what the Omicron variant can do. I mean, Joy was telling me about – you were reading there could be some heart type of —

BEHAR: The need to investigate. You might be affected by other things they don’t yet know. Yes.

HOSTIN : Parents want their kids to go back to school. It was important to me that my daughter went back to high school. It was difficult for my daughter to go back to high school after her freshman year. But I’d rather that than have her get sick and somehow have these effects later on.

My opinion is that we don’t have to think about the older people, children and those most at risk. These people are not our focus.

LAUREN WRIGHT: Life is about risk assessment. This is part of being an adult. This week the chance of getting COVID is 1 in a million if you’re triple vaxxed. This is the actual risk. It is one in every 100 chances of getting into a vehicle. For those aged 18-49, the risk is much lower. The risk to children is also lower.

We must weigh the risks. Princeton’s graduate students in policy are taught the importance of tradeoffs, and they need to understand how to make them.

You shouldn’t have to make such decisions. We’re so confused by the message that we all go on Google, “Okay, I can make my own guidelines, my own rules for when to wear it,”

HOSTIN: Science changes everything. Because science is changing things.


HOSTIN: Did you know that the masks were not based on science?

WRIGHT: It’s really loose science from the very beginning.

BEHAR: The Republicans, come on.

WRIGHT At the beginning, I remember Lysoling all my mail. Now we have vaccines.

HOSTIN – Scientific studies show masking helps spread disease.

BEHAR: Scientists also show that your bag doesn’t need to be Lysolled.

WRIGHT It is true.

BEHAR: Many things keep going.

WRIGHT: The point is that the CDC has not been consistent about this. The correlations are evident in the studies. This is better that nothing. These people are comparing cities with mandatory masks to those without them. There’s no compliance consideration and no randomization. It’s not that you should wear a face mask. It’s just saying that the CDC — when I hear them say, “we want you to take the mask off now and grab for it later,” what does that mean? How does that mean to get back to the truth?


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