Maher Praises Elon, SLAMS Big Tech Censorship in Rogan Interview

Bill Maher, a talk show host and Joe Rogan, a podcast legend, slammed Big Tech’s alliance with Cancel Culture as it silenced debate on COVID-19.

Maher slammed the increasing popularity of “cancel culture and intimidating people, and stamping out thought” during an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He observed that Elon Musk’s recent actions to get more involved with Twitter” are a reaction to the ongoing censorship phenomenon.

“It’s about somebody saying, ‘It wasn’t cool that they didn’t allow the lab leak theory to be talked about,” Maher said. “For months, you couldn’t even mention it, and that is certainly something that was open to question. I mean it was like, to me, the very kind of issue that if Twitter was really doing the job it should, would be a healthy forum for people to go back and forth.”

Maher slammed Twitter for not censoring Wuhan’s virology laboratory leak theory. “For Twitter to take that off, that to me was a huge red flag,” he said. Rogan stated that Big Tech labelled legitimate theories misinformation. “It was crazy because it wasn’t resolved,” Rogan said. “It wasn’t resolved amongst virologists … there was no way they could know.”

Maher complained that American truth is treated as tribal narratives, which shift on the basis of political alliances.

I can’t even follow the logic of why we pick, OK, if you think it came from the wet markets, you’re a Democrat, and if you think it came out of the lab, you’re a Republican? What does this have to do?

Rogan agreed, observing “It’s the same as everything, it’s just fuckin’ pure tribalism.” Rogan then indicated Democrats who think COVID-19 came out of a lab can only admit they believe so in secret. “They’re careful. They cover the mic on their phones.”

Rogan explained later that Americans have two options when it comes to public debate. “Either you want to look at things for what they really are, or you have this ideological, like, ’box’ that your ideas have to live in and if you say it came from a lab you’re a Trump supporter, you hate democracy.” Maher blasted the mindset: “It’s just silly. It’s a scientific issue, it should have no political dimension at all.”

Numerous sources have actually called out Big Tech firms for not censoring Wuhan’s lab leak origin theory regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter months the theory was labelled misinformation and became a plausible explanation. Meanwhile, disgraced fact-checkers created a crisis in their credibility.

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