Nets Share Tax Tips, Ignore TRILLIONS In Government Record Revenue

Amid soaring inflation and sky-high gas prices caused by the policies of the Biden administration, paying taxes has been particularly difficult for many cash-strapped Americans as April’s deadline approaches. One place not hurting for funds is the U.S. federal government, which according to CNSNews just brought in a record-setting “$2,121,987,000,000 in total taxes through the first six months of fiscal 2022 (October through March).”

The morning programs on ABC, NBC and CBS gave tax advice to viewers and warned about inflation throughout the week. However, no broadcasts mentioned the huge revenue that the government has been raking up over the last six months. Instead, hosts and correspondents lectured on “procrastination” by those who have yet to file.     



“Let’s say you’ve been procrastinating, you don’t think you’re going to be able to get those taxes done in time. Are you wondering what your options are? What can you do?,” ABC’s Amy Robach wondered on Monday’s Good Morning America. Correspondent Eva Pilgrim admonished: “So if you can’t get your taxes done by the deadline, you still need to file an extension request by tax day, and while the extension gives you more time to file, you still need to pay your estimated taxes due by April 18th, otherwise you will have to pay a penalty.”

On Thursday, NBC’s Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie announced: “The tax deadline is coming Monday, April 18th, and the IRS says more than 90 million returns have already been filed, which means tens of millions are still out there.”Stephanie Ruhle was introduced as senior business analyst. “The procrastinator’s friend” and later scolded: “This is the day, no more procrastinating.

NBC mentioned inflation, unlike ABC. “What about inflation? Do the taxes recognize that at all, our tax system?,” Guthrie wondered. Ruhle was sad:

Yes, inflation and taxes make it sad. All of them make us miserable. But there are some accommodations, our tax bracket, the standard deduction is being adjusted to reflect that we’ve got less spending power right now. But it also works against us, that child tax credit I mentioned, they haven’t made it any bigger to account for inflation, and we know everything we’re buying for ourselves and our kids right now does cost more.

Guthrie concluded: “Final thought, go do it, do it today.”Ruhle intervened: “Now or never. Get on board, it’s now. Just sit down and do it.”

On Thursday’s CBS Mornings, co-host Tony Dokoupil declared: “In today’s CBS Money Watch, we’ve got some timely advice on taxes if you’re filing at the last minute. And if you’re listening to me now and you haven’t filed, you are.”He attempted to create a romantic picture. “As of April 1st, more than 63 million of your fellow Americans have gotten refunds from the IRS, and the average refund – get this – more than $3,200. That is up eleven and a half percent from last year and it could help with inflation.”He did not mention that refunds were all of the money taxpayers paid to the federal government in the last year.

Jill Schlesinger was a business analyst and Dokoupil spoke out in support of: “People are getting a lot of money this year.”She suggested:

Yeah, I mean, so you have $3,200 that’s coming in, on average. People keep asking, “What do you do with this money?” Number one. It is possible to want it at all times. Four-decade highs of inflation have been recorded.According to data from the government, it is costing average Americans an additional $350/400 per month ….So you might need it.

The network coverage ignored once again any explanation for the record-setting federal revenue that has been accrued.

CNSNews puts it into context

Prior to this year, the most taxes the federal government ever collected in the first six months of a fiscal year was in fiscal 2021, when the Treasury collected $1,849,508,090,000 in taxes (in constant March 2022 dollars) in the October-through-March period….Even while collecting this record $2,121,987,000,000 in taxes through the first half of this fiscal year, the federal government ran a deficit of $668,267,000,000. This is due to the fact that the federal government spent $2790,254,000,000 in the same period.

When will the leftist media call on the government to stop “procrastinating” and finally get its financial house in order?

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