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The chanting movement started at the beginning of September with ‘F**k Joe Biden,’ seemingly born out of frustration with Biden for all the things he was doing wrong — from Afghanistan to pushing COVID vaccine restrictions and mandates.

It coincides with huge drops in Biden’s poll numbers. CNN even talks about it. CNN concluded that the huge drop in independent approval is what is driving this movement. Even one poll said Biden was underwater across 40 states. This includes his home state of Delaware. It’s scary. If that’s even close to true, the Democrats are in deep trouble come 2022, if this holds.

After last weekend’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race, the chanting became a meme. While the driver who won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race last weekend, Brandon Brown, was being interviewed on NBC, the “F**k Joe Biden” chant broke out in the stands. Instead of acknowledging what they were actually saying, the NBC reporter, Kelli Stavast, spun it as a “Let’s go, Brandon” chant.

Now, people have adopted it as a way of, more politely, saying the same thing as “F**k Joe Biden” but also skewering the bias of the media at the same time.

It’s now become a huge trend, showing up in all sorts of places, even showing up on t-shirts. It’s also been trending on Twitter, periodically, for days. It’s giving people an outlet to express their anger with Biden.

Biden was met with the chant in Michigan during his visit there this week, in addition to the more ribald “F**k Joe Biden” chant.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has made it to all kinds of sporting events now, along with the original chant that this week was heard at New York Jets NFL football gameYou can also find out more about a Boston Red Sox playoff baseball game.

Country singer Travis Tritt said, “I’m pretty sure I heard thousands in the audience chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ as I left the stage last night in Tampa.” Donald Trump Jr. also took note of the trend, tweeting that Saturdays were “no longer for the boys,” they’re for the “‘Let’s go, Brandon’ chants.”

A man being interviewed by Fox at a diner got it in there — live.

It’s made it onto a billboard, accompanied by a photo of Biden chomping on the obligatory ice cream.

“Let’s go, Brandon” was paged at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Now, that’s pretty funny.

Even made it to Trump’s rally last night.

Joe Biden has already shown that the signs against him are bothering him and having an effect, because he’s mentioned it now at least a couple of times and then tried to argue how popular he is. But the problem is that he can’t argue it away, when it’s there because of all the things he’s done wrong.

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