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There are rumors that Donald Trump could be facing his first challenger in 2024. The former president’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is apparently eyeing a run and is planning to do so regardless of whether Trump runs or not.

Pompeo was in Iowa last month as well, and non-Iowan Republican politicians don’t go there just to enjoy the fair food. Trump, in fact, was only there to hold a rally.

Pompeo seems to me an odd candidate in 2024 regardless of whether Trump is in the race. He’s a decent speaker, but he also has the feeling of a man with limited appeal. For example, Pompeo was a big proponent of the surveillance state as late as 2016, and that just doesn’t jive with the Republican base anymore. And does his stint as CIA Director really help him appeal to the GOP voters — given the level of distrust there?

Pompeo still has a lot of political papers from his time in the House of Representatives. This includes a conservative track record of governance. It is possible that his military service will also be a benefit to the electorate. Trump appointed him as a high-ranking, highly successful secretary of State. There could be worse for the GOP.

But I don’t think the question is whether Pompeo in a vacuum is a good candidate or not. His possible run against Trump’s reaction is more significant. And while I’m seeing some people attack Pompeo over this rumor, frankly, I’m fine with it. A coronation for 2024 is not something I want. Trump can answer for his mistakes and still boast about his accomplishments, but I don’t think that he deserves the nomination. The last thing I want is for the primary to be Trump versus Larry Hogan or some other non-alternative, Never Trumper that won’t make things interesting at all.

In that vein, I don’t think it’s the time to go hard at any Republican who would dare challenge Donald Trump. I think it’s actually a good thing for all involved that the GOP has a spirited primary in 2024 that battle tests whoever comes out victorious. And while there are some people who will enter the race that deserves immediate scorn, I don’t think Pompeo is one of those people. Let him argue his case and we will go from there.

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