Chinese Man Goes Viral for Offering Himself Up as a ‘Human Chair’ to His Pregnant Wife

A Chinese man is being praised for becoming a “human chair” for his wife in a viral video widely disseminated on social media this week.

In a video shared by Hegang police, the unidentified man offers his back to his pregnant spouse in what appears to be a crowded hospital waiting area, People reported.

The pair were reportedly waiting for an appointment when the woman’s legs became numb.

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Several other hospital patients occupied the available seats, when the woman took a seat on the man’s back.

His kindness didn’t stop there.

As his pregnant wife sat atop him, he offered her a beverage.

Hegang police said the man was a “good husband” and slammed the onlookers who failed to offer up their own seats for the pregnant woman, according to Boston news outlet WHDH.

Many users on social media echoed the police’s sentiments, lauding the man’s selflessness.

“Get yourself a man who is this devoted to you,” said one commenter.

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“Real men do this every day in different ways,” tweeted another.

Others suggested the man’s actions were rare in a patriarchal society.

“Finally men doing something relevant,” tweeted one user.

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