George Takei: Nixing Roe Proves GOP is ‘Mean-Spirited and Dangerous’

Appearing on Friday’s edition of The ViewGeorge Takei (radical leftist actor, activist) claimed possible overturning Roe V. WadeSupreme Court shows how mean-spirited and dangerous conservatives are. He said that the conservatives didn’t take care of mothers after their babies were born and they showed “total irresponsibility in dealing with them”. And Joy Behar touts how they’re doing everything they can with their show to stop it.

Behar had introduced Takei to him, and Behar praised his liberal activism. Takei went on to teach Republicans their real values.

Well, A core value I believed was the Republican Party was smaller government.When it comes to It is the most intimate area in a woman’s life, and government decision makers want to ban it. It’s not Republican..

What Takei either doesn’t understand or refuses to acknowledge is that the pro-life position is that abortion takes a life. So, it’s government outlawing a type of murder, that the government already bans.

“And then once the woman has a baby because of the ban, then what do they do with the children? Total irresponsibility … I mean, it is the most irrational and un-Republican act,”He sneered and repeated a lie we debunked recently on the NewsBusters podcast.



Takei, Behar and others then discussed how horrible conservatives are supposedly and America’s terribleness:

BEHAR: It is very, very mean. It’s very, very mean.

TAKEI: You are dangerous and mean-spirited and it’s causing – creating a future for young people that – This country has more child poverty. We are among the wealthiest nations. This means that we must immediately react to the early leak.

“We’re certainly doing our best on this show [to stop it],” Behar touted.

To keep the hatred flowing against Republicans Ana Navarro, a presumptive Republican set her sights upon her home state Florida by spreading more information about Parental Rights in Education. “Let’s look at another kind, loving Republican law. LGBTQ+ rights in Florida are also under attack with things like what gets referred to as the ‘don’t say gay’ bill,” she sneered.

Ignoring the fact there are radical liberal teachers having/starting inappropriate conversations about their sex lives and other such topics, Navarro whined: “There are people who think that talking about sexuality in schools is equivalent to grooming children to be gay.” She completely missed the problem with the situation.

If a student brings up the topic, then teachers may still be able to have appropriate discussions. But that fact was lost on Takei who lamented, “it’s so important for teachers who are working with young people who are making discoveries about themselves to give them guidance and compassionate advice…”

Olay and Dawn sponsored lucratively so that these smears against the pro-life cause were possible. This link will take you to their contact information.

Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
April 13, 2022
Eastern, 11:41:15

JOY BEAR: As you know, I am a fan of yours on Twitter. It’s a great thing to see you as a political activist. We have talked about the Supreme Court’s lapse with the leak. Roe V. Wade. Let us know your opinions.

GEORGE TAKEI (Republican Party): A core value I believed was small government. However, when it comes down to private areas and the decision-making process of women —

BEHAR: Yeah.

TAKEI — The government wants to ban it. It’s not Republican.

The ban also means that if a woman gives birth to a child, what are they going to do with it? Total irresponsibility.

BEHAR: Exactly.

TAKEI — Education — The education budget has been cut. The budget for child care has been cut. This is the worst and most un-Republican thing that could happen.

BEHAR: It’s very mean. Very mean.

TAKEI: Mean-spirited and dangerous, and it’s causing – creating a future for young people that – We have more child poverty in this country. We’re the richest nation, yet we are also the most responsible. We must react immediately to this leak.

BEHAR: Our best efforts are being made for this program.

ANA NAVARRO : Now let’s discuss another compassionate, inclusive Republican bill. LGBTQ+ rights in Florida are also under attack with things like what gets referred to as the “don’t say gay” bill. People believe talking about homosexuality in schools equals grooming gay children.

How do you respond to this?

TAKEI – It is the same general mentality. I’ve dealt with the “don’t say gay” bill about ten years ago in Tennessee when a local politician, Stacy Campfield tried to ban teachers — teachers of all people from using the word gay. It’s important that teachers, who work with youth who have made discoveries about their lives, give guidance and compassion advice to them.


TAKEI: Well. TAKEI: Well.



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