Newsom Promises to Expand Massive Funding for Abortion in California

Roe v. Wade will be overturned and each state has the right to determine if they want to criminalize or legalize abortion. California Governor. We now know what “The Golden State”, as announced by Gavin Newsom (D), Wednesday

Newsom promised a shocking $57 million in state funding to promote abortions, with the money being split to target abortion babies form low-income women, subsidize pro-abortion activism, and to maintain an abortion website and research other ways to bankroll the abortion industry.

However, the atrocities are not over. California legislature has passed Senate Bill 1142, a bill that creates an “Abortion Practical Support Fund” that will collect funds for people that come from out of state for an abortion.

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And there are a host of other Assembly Bills that California has passed in recent memory that make abortion one of the most easily accessible services in the state, including:

  • AB 1666 prohibits California from cooperating in civil abortion laws of other states.
  • AB 1918 is a scholarship program that supports abortion training.
  • AB 1940 is a law that provides funds for the provision of abortion services to K-12 school students
  • AB 2091 prohibits the release of any medical information concerning violations of another state’s abortion laws.
  • AB 2134 requires that insurance policies that exclude abortion coverage provide written notice
  • AB 2586, which targets pro-life abortion centers as fake clinics
  • AB2790 removes the reporting requirement for abuse suspects 

It’s a disgusting reality that our country has legalized abortion. Even more troubling is the fact that Newsom will use millions to ensure that abortion services are available to all, even non-Californians.

California and Newsom will be able to pass on the blood of their children for many generations.

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