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The Democrat Party and foreign influence-peddling. They go together like cheeseAnd crackers, Oreos and milk, beer and pizza, and Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer: you can’t have one without the other.

More specifically, for today’s story, Chinese and Russian influence-peddling.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer’s new book, Red-Handed : How American Elites Make It Rich and Help China WinThe following demonstrates the extent of Chinese Communist Party attempts to influence Biden.

The synopsis is:

The Chinese government is trying to get into American institutions, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is however not surprising that many elites in America are willing to assist the Chinese regime’s quest for global power.

Presidential families, Silicon Valley gurus, Wall Street high rollers, Ivy League universities, even professional athletes—all willing to sacrifice American strength and security on the altar of personal enrichment.

Red-Handed,Peter Schweizer, a six-time New York Times bestseller, presents the most shocking findings of his career. He reveals secret deals that wealthy Americans made to aid China in its technological and military advancements. As equally shocking, these same elites believe that the Chinese dictatorial system is better than American democracy.

Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators spent over a year scouring a massive trove of global corporate records and legal filings to expose the hidden transactions China’s enablers hoped would never see the light of day. And as Schweizer’s past bombshells like Profiles in Corruption, Secret Empires, and Clinton Cash all made clear, there are bad actors on both ends of the political spectrum.

The book is meticulously researched and crafted with a great deal of chilling. Red-HandedThis will reveal the power nexus between the Chinese government, and American elites that do it’s bidding.

Though he has served as a Washington politician almost 50 years, the president of the United States is still hapless and has an estimated net worth in excess of $1.5 billion. Minimum  $9 million. How?

I’m not trying to connect any dots, here, but I Please read the following: just sayin’.

According to Schweitzer, as reported by Breitbart, Chinese Communist Party donations to the University of Pennsylvania almost tripled after the university established a “Biden Center” in 2017 and gave the then-vice president a professorship. [ROFL emoji]

Nothing to see here, simply a “coincidence.”

Sweitzer lays out a compelling case, detailing the Biden family’s “very extensive business relationship” with Chinese Communist Party elites — Can you spell “Hunter“? — and how those elites were not shy about celebrating Biden’s election in 2020 as a golden opportunity to further develop their influence over U.S. government agencies and institutions. Noted Breitbart, this included sponsoring a Chinese conference in November 2020, which was so fired up about Biden’s win that Beijing decided to “nuke its video off the Internet just as it began to go viral.”

Oh — I almost forgot.

Guess which person was managing director at the Penn Biden Center for 2019? (Hint: Antony Blinken.)

According to Breitbart, The “Biden Center” was established in part to promote Corn Pop’s pal’s vision of “global leadership” [ROFL emoji] — a vision, Schweizer notes, that viewed Russia as theGreat threat to the world’s peace, but it had been absolutely zero negativeThere is much to be said about China. It’s a good idea, why not? Joe spoke to us, don’t forget? “China’s not gonna eat our lunch. C’mon, man!”

Chuck Schumer is available in the interim

In this episode of “Try to Control Your Shock and Amazement,” it appears that the intrepid Senate Majority Leader — who helped block sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline — received campaign donations from PACs of companies affiliated with two of the European companies that helped block-fund the pipeline, according to a report by Washington Free Beacon.

Use the free beacon:

Affiliates of two European companies that fund Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline contributed to the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), who Republicans say has blocked sanctions on the Kremlin-backed project.

According to records recently released by the Federal Election Commission, Schumer was each supported in September by ENGIE North America as well as BASF Corporation through their corporate action committees.

ENGIE North America’s parent company and a BASF subsidiary are part of a consortium of five companies that finance Nord Stream 2, which will transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. Although President Joe Biden called the pipeline “a geopolitical menace to Europe” that supports Russian President Vladimir Putin’s, he lifted sanctions last year.

Oops, Chuckie.

Incidentally, as reported by my colleague Andrew Malcolm in July, Biden is just peachy with Nord Stream 2, even though he nuked the Keystone XL Pipeline on Day One of his occupation of the Oval Office, instantly killing more than 10K jobs — current and planned.

However, Schumer received the donations during a Washington-based lobbying campaign over the imposition of sanctions on the 764 mile pipeline. The five European companies that back Nord Stream 2, noted the Free Beacon — Wintershall, ENGIE, Uniper, Shell, and OMV — have paid millions of dollars to lobbying firms to block sanctions.

Axios reported that Vincent Roberti, an ex-Conn. State Representative, is now a significant Democratic donor. Nord Stream 2 LobbyistCampaign finance records show that Schumer and Sensible Senate Democrats made the most campaign contributions in 2021. These contributions include:

  • $5,800 for Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of the Democratic-Nev.
  • $5,800 Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.).
  • $5,800 for Sen. Patty Murray of Washington
  • $2,900 to Senator Maggie Hassan (D.N.H.), (the highest primary contribution).

According to lobbying disclosure records, Roberti’s firm, Roberti Global, has been paid $8.5 million for its Nord Stream 2 lobbying work. Somewhat hilariously — in context — the website touts: “One of the country’s Top Performing Lobbying Firms in 2018, 2019, and 2020.”

Ever-present Democrat Hypocrisy

Which news article exposes Democrats They areWithout a huge dose of hypocrisy, what would the world be? Hypocrisy from the left is not limited.

In December, House Democrats introduced a bill to block foreign-owned corporations from spending company funds to… wait for it… Influence U.S. Elections Via The Hill

Bill would expand the federal ban against foreign nationals giving political donations to multi-national companies owned at least in part by foreign nationals. Following the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision that allowed corporations to spend unlimited sums to influence elections, some U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies have made large donations to super PACs.

As transcribed by The Hill, Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause, said in a statement — and this is ironically hilarious:

Americans have a right to be informed about who has tried to influence us and we should know. Foreign entities shouldn’t play any role in American elections.

Are you still laughing?

What’s the Bottom Line?

Foreign lobbyists have used money to influence U.S. policy through a variety of schemes — often hidden — for decades. While foreign lobbying must be reported, by law, as noted by The Washinton Post, that’s only one conduit used by foreign interests to peddle influence in Washington. D.C.’s think tanks, as well as other organizations that promote policy, take money from corporations and foreign governments. The details are not disclosed.

Yet, the “holier than thou” Democrat Party continues to pontificate against foreign influence out one side of its mouth while saying “Please and thank you” out of the other side.

The Democrat Party: You can’t beat ’em. We are, however.

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