Another House Dem Bows out as Their Fears of 2022 Red Wave Grow – Opinion

We’ve had a lot of Democratic members of Congress make the decision that it’s time to pack it in, that they wouldn’t be running for election in November. Last time we spoke, there were 28 people heading to the exits.

Add another: Rep. Jim Cooper, D-TN, who represents Nashville’s 5th district. Cooper has been in office for 32 years, but he blames his departure on redistricting, saying that he tried to stop gerrymandering but that he didn’t see a way forward for him to win with the new districts.

This is The Tennessean

Despite all my efforts at the polls I was unable to stop Nashville’s General Assembly dismembering it. There was no one who tried more to preserve our city. I used every avenue available to prevent gerrymandering. There’s no way, at least for me in this election cycle, but there may be a path for other worthy candidates.

Axios stated that Cooper would likely lose the election under the new congressional districts.

Republican Robby Starbuck was one of those who wanted to challenge Cooper. He celebrated the announcement.

This makes it 29 at the moment. But we might not have finished yet. This brings us to four in January: Rep. Ed Perlmutter, Rep. Jim Langevin, and Rep. Jerry McNerney.

The House seats are in favor of the Democrats by a slim margin. To win the majority, Republicans will need five more seats. The Democrats are certain to have increased their chances of winning the majority with 29 Democrats heading towards the exit.

A top bonus is that the polls continue to show positive signs for Republicans.

We previously reported that there was an enormous shift in party preferences toward Republicans. A Gallup poll showed a five point advantage for Republicans in the fourth quarter.

The latest NBC poll showed that Republicans enjoyed a double-digit lead in enthusiasm. Key Democratic groups also lost interest in this election. Sixty-one per cent of Republicans said they were very interested in the next midterms, compared with only 47 percent for Democrats. Parties that had a two-digit lead in enthusiasm have made huge gains over the past four years. These drops in Democratic enthusiasm are mainly due to young and black voters. A further 72 percent thought that the United States was headed in the wrong direction. “There is nothing but flashing red lights and warning signs for Democrats,” said one of the pollsters involved in conducting the survey.

There are signs that a wave will blow Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Speaker, out of her speakership to give the Republicans control.

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