Editor’s Pick: Hot Air on Biden Being Slammed By Associated Press

On Thursday, Hot Air’s weekend editor Jazz Shaw reported on the ongoing “ripple effect that Joe Biden’s decision to describe the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a ‘genocide’ has had on foreign relations and American foreign policy.” He particularly highlighted: “I’ll confess to being rather surprised when I saw the normally docile, Biden-friendly Associated Press jump onto the dogpile and publish an ‘explainer’ about why the word ‘genocide’ matters when a president uses it.”

“Their conclusion wasn’t very subtle. They determined that the words of a president matter and Biden simply got this wrong in a way that could complicate the entire situation between NATO and Russia,” Shaw noted. He then pointed out that “the AP went on to publish another article at nearly the same time….[that] points out that presidents don’t have the luxury of ‘speaking from the heart’….They go on to accuse Biden of ‘sowing confusion in dangerous times.’”

Hot Air has the complete article.

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