Kentucky Passes Bill To Protect Women’s Sports

Women’s sport is looking brighter.

Kentucky legislators overrode Governor. Andy Beshear’s veto on Senate Bill 83 was overruled by Gov.

Beshear originally vetoed the bill, saying in a letter that, “Transgender children deserve public officials’ efforts to demonstrate that they are valued members of our communities through compassion, kindness and empathy, even if not understanding.”

True, real women have to experience pain so others can be “welcomed.” Yikes.

But Kentucky legislators would have none of that and decided to veto Beshear’s veto. The bill was passed by the Kentucky House of Representatives (and State Senate) with overwhelming support. 

This bill was the second in its category to pass within the past month. Oklahoma’s March “Save Women’s Sports Act” prohibits transgendered men from participating in women’s sport.

You never know. This kind of momentum could help us get Lia Thomas back into women’s swimming and make it a great division for men.

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