Disregarding Audience Apathy, CNN Decides Jim Acosta Lectures in Prime Time Will Be a Big Hit – Opinion

The special fell last week and Jim Acosta doesn’t get much attention on weekends. So combining these two elements is a sure way to make it a winner.!

CNN will be continuing its obsession with January 6, riot at the Capitol, and insistence that the country is in danger of violent collapse starting Monday 9pm. It is doing this despite clear evidence that they are attracting more people to their eroding network. What is astounding is that nothing this news channel has attempted in the past year has delivered results – but it continues to try the exact same methods.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of this setup. Following a little bit of audience growth due to the general election, the network started to lose viewers. Although this happened across most news networks, FoxNews was mostly in recovery. MSNBC, however, essentially reached its floor and remained steady. CNN has meanwhile seen perpetual erosion.

For over a year, the network relentlessly harps on Capitol Riot and has driven people away. The network rewarded Jim Acosta for his insufferable behavior by giving him a weekend host gig. However, he lost viewers from the previous incarnation. They revamped New Day’s morning show with Brianna Kessel as main hostess. It was successful in the Spring. A ratings siveHowever, the program recently saw some of Lowest ratingsIts history.

These were all examples of CNN’s behavior as if it had not reached an iceberg. After their January 6 obsessive focus (seriously Wolf Blitzer), commemorated the 9 month anniversaryThe network was so excited about the news that it went all out a few weeks back, and devoted the whole day of Jan. 6 to recapping the events. Both channels combined delivered. Fast 40 hours worth of Jan. 6, programming. The results were dismal. As Brian Stelter gripedFox…provided basically the bare minimum amount of anniversary coverage,” they ended up beating both CNN and MSNBC with their marathons of remembrance. 

Fox was the leader at every hour of each day, including Joe Biden’s speech. Fox managed to do enough in the overall-day average to beat MSNBC combined. This was an overwhelming rebuke to the constant beating of conservatives and GOP as being guilty and the relentless focus on the event. CNN cannot ignore this result by declaring the event more important. The network boasted about its ratings on that day after it had attacked the Capitol.

CNN must have had an awakening. Their laser-focused attention on an issue that many others don’t care about has led them to change their approach. You can actually do the exact opposite.

CNN showed a CNN special last week that explored the notion of America being broken from within. Brianna Keilar was the hostess and explored this cheerful idea in an entertaining show. Democracy In Peril. The show failed to succeed. He was running alongside Sean Hannity on Monday when his show pulled in. More than five times the audienceOf Peril. It was so bad that Tucker’s audience in just the key advertiser’s demo was bigger than CNN’s total audience for that show.

This was a poor decision by the network, and it required a redoubled effort. Now, running in Chris Cuomo’s former position – Journalism In Peril – CNN has Jim Acosta as their guest this week.

You have to witness it: a network who refuses to learn or abandons its lessons. This dismal performance evidence only serves to show how much it remains a mystery that CNN+ has been hiring a lot of talent. This premium streaming service is what the news agency is set to debut this Spring.

It is unclear how the network will attract enough subscribers to its service, given that it has been struggling to make people watch its channels for free.

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