MSNBC Host Tells the Left to ‘Pick up a Weapon and Get Involved’ in the ‘War’ for Democracy – Opinion

For a moment, picture the panicky antics of Tucker Carlson on Fox News telling conservatives to get a weapon and protect America in his war against democracy [the left].

Protests in the streets outside Fox News headquarters calling for the immediate firing of Carlson and a boycott against the network would be all but assured the moment the words left Tucker’s lips.

Yet that’s Just what it saysThis is what a MSNBC anchor said Saturday left-wingers to do.

During a segment with Jasmine Crockett, a Democrat state lawmaker and congressional candidate from Texas, Tiffany Cross, host of “The Cross Connection,” went off on Donald Trump’s concocted interference in the 2020 presidential election, bigly.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, in a perfect “Pot, meet kettle” moment, Cross and Crockett hilariously — but very ominously, of course — talked about the best way(s) to prevent Conservativespreventing meddling with future elections.

Here’s how Cross kicked off the festivities, as transcribed the Examiner:

How do we as a country protect this democracy when these folks don’t like the outcome of the next election, and Jasmine, you know, you’re running for Congress in Texas where this is a problem, where they have partisan poll watchers, an open carry state.

It’s a very fragile situation that we’re in right now. [Here comes the big fat softball right down the middle of the plate.] What’s your message to the people that you’re running to represent? And what’s your message to our viewers today?

After asserting that Black women must continue fighting the “war” against those who refuse to comply with radical left-wing policies, Crockett continued to beat the “war” drums:

So there’s a bigger story that I think is brewing, and that is that black women have consistently fought for our democracy on every single level.

We can’t let up. If we say we’ve been defeated, then they have won. This is not a battle. This isn’t a battle, and we absolutely will win this war.

“Shockingly,” Cross was in total agreement (emphasis, mine):

Indeed, it is a war. Jasmine has won some battles. But we must keep an eye on the war. And Everybody needs to get involved in order for safety and the long-term survival of the country..

Welp, This escalated, quickly.

As noted by the Examiner, Cross’s supporters later claimed she was speaking “metaphorically.”

OK, fine. Lemme revise my opening comment:

For a nanosecond, imagine Tucker Carlson’s hilarious antics on Fox News. FigurativelyI told the conservatives to get a gun and defend America’s safety in the fight against democracy [the left]. There, liberals. Like Tiffany Cross. Better? No.

What would happen, then? Tucker said it “metaphorically”? It was exactly what I predicted would occur at the top.

Cross or do I think Cross? Literally instructed the left to grab the nearest firearm — preferably a “weapon of war” — take to the streets, and fight the evil right over the very safety of our democracy? No, I don’t.

Yet another great example of how left-wingers get a pass every time they speak outlandishly that conservatives would not be able to understand.

Moreover, it’s the left that givesItselfThe pass. All hypocritical times.

RedState has more information:

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