NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Chuck Todd Turns on the ‘Shellacking’ Sirens

Chuck Todd warns of the possibility of a Democrat “shellacking”, in midterms, because of how bad the network polls are on Biden. You can hear it from NBC and NPR. They are insisting that Team Biden must fix it. This acknowledges the fact that Biden, contrary to cranky Jennifer Rubin, isn’t popular. The Washington PostHowever, it sounds like a warning to Democrats to make it right. 

Also, we discuss the absurdity of CNN’s Trustworthy SourcesFox was attacked for using incendiary language and overdoing things. It’s not right to suggest that Biden’s America has ended, even though they host a show called Democracy In Peril! Brian Stelter claims you haven’t heard this incendiary conversation on any other channel under Trump. This line might make you giggle. 

Let’s end with some thoughts on how the media covered the march for life this year. Listen to the podcast here, or anywhere else you like podcasts. 

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