Dem Witnesses Take a Deep Dive Into Delusion With Answers at House Abortion Hearing – Opinion

Democrats were fond of screaming that they were the “party of science” during the height of the pandemic. Now, this was just nonsense as we saw that the “science” seemed to change based on what the political narrative was at the moment.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democratic politician from Maryland (D-MD), was questioned by a pro-life advocate during Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing about abortion. It got even worse as the Democratic witnesses were interviewed by the House Judiciary Committee. Democratic witnesses showed just how far away from the “party of science” they truly are.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) asked one of the witnesses, Dr. Yashica Robinson, a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, “How does one fully qualify as human? What makes a human being?”

Robinson didn’t want to answer in a way that would possibly suggest that a fetus might qualify as a “human being” but that left her answer severely lacking. The doctor — who one would presume has a scientific background — gave this response.

“What makes a person a human being is them being born…That’s why we have birthdays,” Robinson said.

So a day before birth, the baby isn’t human. A frog born to a human is, however. That’s how one could interpret her answer. That’s not a very scientific or competent response.

However, she wants you to know that she’s a “proud abortion provider.” But when Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) asks her if she’s ever had human parts — arms, legs — come apart from the body of the baby when she’s performing such an abortion at 20 weeks, she refuses to respond, claiming that his language is “inflammatory.”

If she’s proud, why can’t she answer the question? Because then she would have to say yes, and she’d have to acknowledge the human parts of the baby to whom she wants to deny that humanity and the “science” of the process. You’re not supposed to think about that because if you did, you might have some second thoughts about abortion if you had been for it. That’s not acceptable. Truth is “inflammatory” so we can’t have that.

Perhaps the worst “scientific” answer was from another Democratic witness, Aimee Arrambide, who is an “activist working to advance reproductive justice.”Is that to say she’s a science expert? We can’t judge her answers.

“What do you say a woman is?” Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) asked the activist. “I believe everyone can identify it for themselves,” the activist said. So there is no firm objective definition, it’s just whoever claims that he is a woman. This is exactly what was revealed during Ketanji’s confirmation hearing. Similar answers were given by her. The left has gone so far in the service of the extreme that they can’t even define what a woman is anymore, essentially denying the existing science.

But that wasn’t the worst. Bishop followed up, “Do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” She had those eyes — the ones that make you know you’re going to get an answer that you’re going to regret. “Yes,” she declared.

So I’m so confused. Then why did the Democrats call the abortion bill that they just tried to shove through that allowed abortions up to the moment of birth the “Women’s Health Protection Act”? I think it sounds like Democrats are anti-transphobia. How do you try to pass a bill applying to women when you can’t even define what a woman is or you think men can get pregnant?

Many of the replies to the clip told the tale — there were several saying that they had been Democrats but it was things like this that have made them decide they’re not voting Democrat again.

Keep it up Democrats. You continue to drive more Americans towards the Republicans. They are the only party left with sanity.

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