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Oliver Darcy reveals that he is guilty of exactly the ineptitude of which he accuses his competition

CNN’s recent performance has been rocky. Fox News (their rival news outlet) celebrated their 25th anniversary and continues to be a dominant force in the cable news ratings. On a randomly selected day, the top-rated program for the network was #27  — and that was just among those two networks and MSNBC. While CNN’s on-air personalities had been acting somewhat sour towards Fox these past days, Oliver Darcy’s ineptness has overtaken them.

Subscribe to the newsletter Reliable Sources Ollie seemed to have some very harsh criticisms of the journalistic qualities of his rival. Darcy used one of his trusted tactics to think he was accusing Fox for not covering a certain story.

What story is it? CNN has, like many other outlets, been especially focused on the Jan 6 Commission’s work because it allows them to continue churning out the story to discredit the Republican Party. Small problem — Darcy fell victim to his own stunted reportorial skills.

In an article he listed these facts.You might also like: Fox glaringly ignores 1/6 Docs. He was then charged. This was his passage. (italics mine).

The top story is, as I mentioned earlier, on WaPo’sThis page is about the battle over the 1/6 documents that were sought by the House Committee investigating the insurrection. There are many other issues. Fox NewsIt wasn’t a true story. I checked transcripts at 5 pm and could not locate any instances in which the right-wing talk channel covered the story. In fact, the only time I saw the issue come up on Fox’s air was when a reporter asked about it in the White House press briefing. And when that happened, Fox made the decision to immediately cut away…

This was supposed to be a cutting indictment of Fox, because they were not covering the story to Ollie’s satisfaction. Then he followed it up by stating how they were covering the story of Attorney General Merrick Garland showing a willingness to accuse parents who are defending their children’s education at school board meetings of terrorist activity. This is a confession by CNN that they are obsessed with Jan. 6 drama, but ignore the stories of criminal activity.

However, things get worse. Note the phrase, “I searched through transcripts.” that Darcy used. This suggests that he was able to only scan the details and make a quick assessment of the situation. We don’t know how to find out. It turns out thatFox was actually the one to coverThe story of the commission was documented by them Also, Jen Psaki was filmed.This issue must be addressed.

Fox was correct to report the story, but they did not use Darcy’s expected language. Particularly, WordDarcy utilized in his search. 

And here is where it gets even more pathetic — or funnier, depending on your perspective. Darcy relied upon using the word “subpoena” in his transcript search. CNN, however, did not use the word “subpoena” in its coverage of the story.

There you are. Fox’s harsh criticism is fueled by Fox’s inability or inability, in any way, to do an adequate investigation. The irony arriving from a news person criticizing the journalistic quality of a rival — while completely fumbling the story by avoiding basic research — only deepens the humor.

It is not our intention to silence CNN-affiliates; it does more harm than good for them to be allowed to express themselves freely.

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