An Increasingly Debased and Woke Culture

Andrew Breitbart, the late internet mogul and web entrepreneur once stated that politics flows upstream from culture. And boy couldn’t that be anymore true in this day and age, with movies, music, and TV shows force-feeding things like debauchery and left-wing lectures to the point that they don’t even care whether or not they alienate anybody outside the coastal elites anymore.

This past September, far-left bomb thrower Lil Nas X (a.k.a. Montero Hill) released his debut solo album on Columbia Records, featuring that classic song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which – amazingly – debuted at No. Billboard charts at No. 2.

The music video for that song – which won’t be featured in this space – was released during Holy Week earlier this year, and features a disgusting pornographic take on Christian imagery. NewsBusters reported around that time that the song was eventually followed by the release of “Satan Shoes” as well as an even more disgusting SNL parody version of the rapper doing a lap dance on God. Even worse are the lyrics:

Now I can’t leave
And now I’m acting hella elite
Never want the n****s that’s in my league
I wanna f*** the ones I envy, I envy

Drinking with friends and Cocaine
Boy, you live in darkness, but I can’t pretend
I’m not fazed, only here to sin
If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can


Ayy, ayy
I wanna sell what you’re buying
I wanna feel on yo’ ass in Hawaii
I want that jet lag from f***ing and flying
Shoot a child in your mouth while I’m riding

And you won’t believe the praise that piece of garbage got from liberal publications. Also, guess who promoted Lil Nas X to “Chief Impact Officer” after he released this filth? Does the name Taco Bell sound familiar? That’s definitely going to alienate a lot of potential customers.

As MRC Culture writer Alexa Moutevelis pointed out last Friday, television screens are filled with storylines and dialogue meant to specifically slander conservatives and decent people. And unfortunately, that also includes children’s content; as Netflix and toy making giant Hasbro rebooted My Little Pony once again, this time with a movie that was partly and overtly inspired by left-wing themes about “fascism”, as well as other progressive talking points. A Fox News article about that film shows the creators’ true colors:

The Times hints at the “surprisingly unsubtle references” to America’s current political climate, likely to get picked up by parents viewing with their little ones. The anti-magic ponies are essentially “anti-science,” writer Batrice Loayza points out. Meanwhile, Jeong’s Sprout is a “crimson demagogue with a bleach-blonde mane” who “ascends to power.”

If you can’t see how in-your-face that plot line is against anybody who disagrees with their far-left worldview, I don’t know what to tell you.

All of this is fine for liberal media which loves filthy like Lil Nas X and the smuttuous lectures it brings. Even worse, if you think any of this content is offensive or disgusting, you’re a right-wing gasbag with partisan outrage in the eyes of organizations like MSNBC.

As a nation, it is time to recognize that culture has been infiltrated from outside of the country’s control. Anyone who attempts to counter these influences will be demonized and/or ridiculed. Many people fear speaking out about this.

Look out for the music department at Target, Walmart, and other local stores. Also, check out your streaming service account and/or local cable channel guide. You won’t believe what’s being force-fed to us.

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