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Teacher’s Husband Asked Schoolboy’s Parents Not to Tell Cops His Wife Had Sex With Their Son


Notes exchanged by an Arizona schoolteacher and the underage boy she is accused of having sex with were revealed late last month, The Arizona Republic reported.

One note is alleged to read “U R SEXY!”

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Brittany Zamora, 27, was arrested last year on suspicion of sexual misconduct after a 13-year-old boy’s parents discovered text messages of a sexual nature between the Las Brisas Academy Elementary School teacher and their son. Before Zamora was taken into custody, her husband Daniel allegedly called the victim’s parents and begged them not to report his wife to police.

“This whole situation is crazy,” Daniel Zamora is heard telling the boy’s father in an audio recording released by police last month. “I’ve never heard of anything like this in my entire life. I understand as a parent you have to be livid and hurt. As a husband, I am distraught. I’m hurt.”

But Daniel Zamora was apparently able to put aside the pain his wife had inflicted and begged the boy’s parents to settle the matter without reporting it to law enforcement. According to the Arizona Republic, he begged them to forgive his wife and defended her as a good teacher.

“She had another 13-year-old in there watching the whole fucking thing,” the father replied and urged Zamora’s husband to leave her. “Do you understand?”

Daniel Zamora told the man he was standing by his wife.

The Goodyear teacher is accused of having sex with a male student three times and performing oral sex on him in both her classroom and in her car. She’s also alleged to have sent sexually explicit text messages and naked pictures of herself to the boy. According to court records, Zamora allegedly sent a text to the boy which read, “If I could quit my job and [have sex with] you all day long, I would.”

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A second student claimed he had witnessed Zamora and her alleged victim having sex and that he, too, had received nude pictures from the teacher. In records of police interviews and videos obtained last month by The Arizona Republic, the second student told a police interviewer that Zamora asked him if he was circumcised and showed him pictures on the phone. Their conversation ended when the bell rang for recess.

Further details revealed in the court records show Zamora and her victim allegedly touched each other sexually while other students watched a video, unaware of what their teacher was doing with a fellow classmate. She also “touched his stuff” at her desk while pretending to look for something in a drawer, the boy said.

“She said she wanted to give me a blow job and my stuff is really big and stuff like that,” the alleged victim told a police interviewer who asked him to clarify what he meant by “stuff.”

“Penis,” the boy replied in a whisper, The Arizona Republic reported.

Zamora is currently being held in a Maricopa County jail on a $250,000 bond.

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Growing social awareness regarding sexual misconduct and harassment has left the abuse of young men by women under the radar, leading some to resent the seeming double standard.

Writing for Salon in June of 2008 about the phenomenon of older female teachers having sex with their younger students, Carol Lloyd suggested the purported double-standard has to do with “how the power imbalance between men and women may influence the way society regards statutory rapists.”

A study published in the Journal of Social Psychology in 2011 tested the theory that “male teachers are judged more harshly than female teachers for engaging in heterosexual intercourse with a student” and found that “a reverse sexual double standard was revealed, in which participants judged situations involving male teachers more harshly than they judged situations involving female teachers, but only when the sexual contact was teacher-initiated.”

There is arguably a dark side to society’s nonchalant attitude toward the statutory rape of underage boys. Last year, 18-year-old Corbin Madison was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot after being molested by a married teacher who was convicted of having sex with four underage boys.

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