Ocasio-Cortez Supporter Compares Her to Controversial Feminist Rapper Cardi B

“I don’t think people know what to make of Alexandria on social media because she claps back so hard”

A writer and liberal activist compared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., to controversial feminist rapper Cardi B during a Sunday MSNBC “Headliners” feature.

Baratunde Thurston praised Ocasio-Cortez for her style and the fierceness of her “clap backs.” Ocasio-Cortez, Thurston suggested, was what you would get if you combined Cardi B and Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-V.T., into one politician.

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“I don’t think people know what to make of Alexandria on social media because she claps back so hard,” the former “Daily Show” writer, whose Twitter activity hints he’s a supporter of the New York Democrat, gushed. “She’s got, like, the style of Cardi B with, like, Bernie Sanders-level policy-sized goals.”

Cardi B, a popular rapper who has expressed her admiration for feminism and Ocasio-Cortez in the past, admitted last week that she drugged and robbed men who wanted to have sex with her when she worked as a stripper.

Thurston raved about the freshman congresswoman’s social media savvy and brand awareness, saying her brand was “on point.” He found evidence of Ocasio-Cortez’s gift for messaging and branding in details as small as the exclamation points on her campaign posters.

“They look like the posters of a leader,” Thurston said. “There’s a tiny element in her campaign poster: the double exclamation point around her name – the bilinguality that says, ‘I’m in both worlds. I’m in the Spanish-speaking world and the English-speaking world. And I’m here to represent everybody.'”


During the same “Headliner’s” segment, a former Ocasio-Cortez staffer suggested capitalism is now a “fringe” economic philosophy, while socialism is increasingly en vogue.

“I think Bernie Sanders really opened the debate for Democratic Socialism in this country. So it’s not as fringe as you might think. In fact, what’s becoming fringe is if you call yourself a capitalist openly,” Waleed Shahid said.

Ocasio-Cortez has been accused of being more flash than substance. The New York 14th Congressional District representative’s own constituents recently spoke out against Ocasio-Cortez’s purported penchant for tackling sexy global and national issues while ignoring the problems in her Bronx backyard.

The progressive Democrat has recently expended significant political energy attempting to garner support and public sympathy for her ambitious and controversial Green New Deal, which failed to pass the Senate last week in a 57-o vote.

Meanwhile, her skyrocketing public profile has been a subject of fiery debate. Many liberals and Ocasio-Cortez supporters have accused the right of being “obsessed” with the congresswoman. Conservatives have countered by saying that it is national media outlets that are obsessed with the Democrat star and their commentary is simply a reaction to that phenomenon.

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