Conservative Rips Ocasio Cortez’s Rhetorical Style After Cow Farts Comments: ‘She’s a Bad Parrot’

“She’s a bad parrot.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled down on much-ridiculed previous assertions her office made linking “farting cows” to the threat of climate change.

During a Friday night appearance on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” the freshman congresswoman reaffirmed her commitment to dealing with the environmental problems posed by cow farts.

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“It is an issue when it comes to contributing methane,” she told host Chris Hayes when he asked about cow flatulence. “But that doesn’t mean you end cows, it means we need to innovate and change our cow grain in which they feed in these troughs.”

“We really need to take a look at regenerative agriculture, like these are our solutions,” Ocasio-Cortez added, triggering cheers and applause from the audience. But critics weren’t impressed by her explanation of the problem.

Conservative commenters on Twitter jabbed the congresswoman, characterizing her argument as uninformed and unpersuasive.

One of the most virulent criticisms came from a conservative blogger and engineer who dissected her rhetorical style in a Tweet.

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“Here’s how AOC works: she has conversations with liberal intellectuals who give her a bunch of extremely false technical talking points,” wrote the extremely yoked man who is identified on social media simply as Will. “She only remembers like 20% of it, and then she butchers it in a public forum. Economics, agriculture, energy, you name it. She’s a bad parrot.”

“If cow farts are bad, all farts are bad. I fully expect the liberals to stop harassing trophy hunters,” he wrote in a followup tweet. “I mean, unless this isn’t really about the environment….”

Last year, Will trolled advocates of “debt forgiveness” and “free college” policies by launching a crowdfunded attempt to get his student loans paid off.

“Hey y’all! I borrowed $45,000 to chase my dream and become an engineer. I landed a job and COULD pay the loans off myself,” he sad in the description of the campaign on GoFundMe’s website.  Will reiterated that he has a great job and could pay the loans off himself.

“But I’d honestly rather buy guns and ammo,” he said.

“Since there’s so many wealthy liberals advocating for ‘debt forgiveness’ and ‘free college,’ I figured these generous folks would want to pay for my education,” Will added.

And Will’s direct trolling isn’t the only way the avid supporter of President Donald Trump inspires reactions from liberals. Users on an internet messaging board revealed their inner turmoil over reconciling their distaste for Will’s political beliefs with their intense physical attraction to him.

“His twitter reads like your annoying, uninformed trump loving cousin in high school but hot damn he is nice to look at,” wrote one conflicted commenter.

Will’s attacks on Ocasio-Cortez aren’t the first time she’s been accused of being more flash than substance. The New York 14th Congressional District representative’s own constituents recently spoke out against Ocasio-Cortez’s purported penchant for tackling sexy global and national issues while ignoring the problems in her Bronx backyard.

Ocasio-Cortez has expended significant political energy attempting to garner support and public sympathy for her ambitious and controversial Green New Deal, which recently failed to pass the Senate in a 57-o vote.

Meanwhile, her skyrocketing public profile has been a subject of fiery debate. Many liberals and Ocasio-Cortez supporters have accused the right of being “obsessed” with the congresswoman. Conservatives have countered by saying that it is national media outlets that are obsessed with the Democrat star and their commentary is simply a reaction to that phenomenon.

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