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WATCH: Lorena Bobbitt Looks Thrilled With New Doc About Her Penis-Slicing Days

WATCH: Lorena Bobbitt Looks Thrilled With New Doc About Her Penis-Slicing Days

“I didn’t choose to be in the spotlight.”

Lorena Bobbitt was spotted on Tuesday hugging on Jordan Peele at the Sundance Film Festival.

Who cares? Well, TMZ for one.

But also, Peele is the executive producer of a forthcoming Netflix documentary miniseries about Bobbitt. They were together at the posh festival in Park City, Utah, to promote their four-episode project.

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Assuming the embrace was mutual, Bobbitt’s portrayal in the series could be expected to be positive.

That would be a coup for her given that, in 1993, she infamously cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in a field. She claims she did it after he raped her. He, John Wayne Bobbitt, has adamantly denied the allegation.

Both Bobbitts were charged with crimes. He was found not guilty of sexually assaulting her. She was found not guilty ― by reason of insanity ― of malicious wounding.

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If you had to pick a time to have a documentary made about how you removed and discarded your husband’s penis, you could do worse than 2019. After President Donald Trump’s election and the revelations of the #MeToo movement, many feminists seem to be enflamed with nearly anti-phallic passion. Plus, you no longer even need a penis to be a man.

Nor would you protest the selection of Peele as the executive director given his woke filmmaking bone fides.

The trailer for “Lorena” looks pretty sympathetic toward its titular character, ending with Lorena Bobbitt intoning: “I didn’t choose to be in the spotlight. But there’s no going back.”

Lorena premiers on Feb. 15.

Cover image: Jordan Peele and Lorena Bobbitt at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 29, 2019. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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